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  • French and Indian war begins

    The French and Indian war was between the colonies of British America and those of New France. The war began over conflicts with land, and who would be the strongest power in the New World.
  • Treaty of Paris (ending of the French and Indian war)

    The French agreed to give up all its territories in mainland North America. The British gained control of the New World.
  • The Steam Engine is invented

    James Watt invents the first modern steam engine.
  • Cotton Gin is invented

    Eli Whitney invents the Cotton Gin.
  • Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea Party was an act of protest against the British Parliament's tax on tea by the Sons of Liberty in Boston.
  • American Revolution begins

    The British 13 colonies wanted independence from the British government. The war began with a confrontation between local militia and British troops at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts
  • George Washington is named Commander in Chief of the Continental Army

    George Washington is unanimously chosen to be Commander in Chief of the Continental Army.
  • "Common Sense" is published

    "Common Sense" written by Thomas Paine is published. In "Common Sense" Thomas Paine argues for America's independence.
  • Congress adopts the "United States Declaration of Independence"

    The United States congress adopts and publishes the "United States Declaration of Independence." The "United States Declaration of Independence" announced and explained the motives for the Americans seeking Independence from Great Britain.
  • French Alliance

    The United States and France sign the French Alliance.
  • Treaty of Paris (ending of the the American Revolutionary War)

    Treaty signed by representatives from both Great Britain and the United States of America ending the American Revolutionary War.