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  • Political Party Leader- Vice President

    Political Party Leader- Vice President
    Spiro Agnew was 39th Vice President of the U.S. This is Political party leader becauuse it is the vice president of his political party.
  • Executive Order

    Executive Order
    He was establishing the President's Intellagence Advisory Board. This is an executive order becauase it is something that the president had to sign/do to make it an order from him.
  • Chief Legislator

    Chief Legislator
    He held a meeting to the congress about having a new approach to meeting or military manpower requirements. This is legislator because it had to do something with congress.
  • Commander and Chief

    Commander and Chief
    Nixon had sent 21,000 ARVN troops, followed by American B-52 bombers, and they invaded Laos. This is commander and chief because it has to do with the vietnam war.
  • Chief of State

    Chief of State
    Nixon had thanked the president of Spain for things about Spain that USA had helped. This is chief of state because he is doing something with another country but not making an agreement.
  • Chief Executive

    Chief Executive
    Governor George Wallace was shot. Richard Nixon had to call his wife to inform her. This is being a chief executive because he is doing something for someone on the executive team.
  • Peace Agreement- Chief Diplomat

    Peace Agreement- Chief Diplomat
    People in South Vietnam would enjoy freedom and peace in years to come. This is a diplomat because he is signing an agreement with another country.
  • Important date

    Important date
    This is when he resigned. This is an important date because he almost was impeached. Instead of that he had resigned.