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  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    The ecomomic crisis in America was sky rocketing with Roosevelt as president and only increased as the congress declared war in 1941 after the bombing of pearl harbor.
  • Franklin Roosevelt Elected

    Franklin Roosevelt Elected
    This was FDR's first election he went on to win three more after that. The first electon he recieved 22,809,638 popular votes and 472 electoral votes. His running mate was John N. Garner.
  • Civil Works Emergency Relief Act

    Civil Works Emergency Relief Act
    Congress passed the Civil Works Emergency Relief Act. They also continued funds for relief and unemployment programs with in the first two years FDR was president.
  • Selection Service Act

    Selection Service Act
    Congress passes the Selection Service Act. It was the first peacetime draft in U.S. history.
  • Franklin Roosevelt's Second Election

    Franklin Roosevelt's Second Election
    This was his second election. His running mate in this inauguration was the same as his last term John N. Garner. He won again, but this time with 27,752,869 popular votes and 523 electoral votes.
  • "Court Packing" Plan

    "Court Packing" Plan
    Roosevelt announces his %u201Ccourt-packing%u201D plan to increase Supreme Court membership after the legislation died in the Senate.
  • World War II

    World War II
    While Roosevelt was ending his second term and running for his third World War II broke out while he was in office.
  • National Defense Research Committee

    National Defense Research Committee
    Roosevelt established a National Defense Research Committee, their goal was to find out the feasibility of an atomic bomb.
  • Exports to Japan

    Exports to Japan
    Roosevelt stops the export of aviation fuel to Japan. In September Franklin Roosevelt also stops all steel and scrap-iron exports.
  • Franklin Roosevelt's Thrid Election

    Franklin Roosevelt's Thrid Election
    He won a third term and was the only president to break the two term tradition. His running mate this time was Henry A. Wallace, he won with 27,307,819 popular votes and 449 electoral votes.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Pearl Harbor was bombed in Hawaii while Roosevelt was in office. After that the congress declared the United States was offically in the war.
  • GI Bill of Rights

    GI Bill of Rights
    Roosevelt signs the GI Bill of Rights, this gave all the soldiers a college education and other benefits for World War II veterans when they arrived back home.
  • Franklin Roosevelt's Last Election

    Franklin Roosevelt's Last Election
    FDR's last election won wasn't completed because he died and Harry S. Truman, his Vice President/running mate, became president. He had won once again, but with 25,606,585 popular votes and 432 electoral votes this time.
  • FDR's Major Achievments

    FDR's Major Achievments
    Even though Franklin Roosevelt died in 1945 he influenced the end of the war dramatically, I would say it's one of his biggest achievments while he was in office. Another one was he brought the economy back when it was in its worst state.
  • Truman's Succession

    Truman's Succession
    Truman became president one year after FDR was elected for his fourth term because Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945, in Warm Springs, Georgia of a cerebral hemorrhage.