South Africa

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  • Jan 1, 1400

    Establishing tribes

    Establishing tribes
    Zulu and Xhosa tribes establish large kingdoms in the South Africa region.
  • Jan 1, 1555

    Pre settlement

    Pre settlement
    Sir Francis Drake rounds the Cape, thinking he had been around the entire globe, then tells the king. Centuries later the Europeans settel there.
  • Official European colonisation

    Official European colonisation
    The settlement of Europeans in Africa.
  • Battle of blood river

    Battle of blood river
    After the Voortrekkers had failed to negotiate with the Zulus the secession of land had went through numorus assaults they gathered at the Ncome River for a decisive battle. Boers under the command of Andries Pretorius defeated more than 10,000 Zulu warriors.
  • anglo-zulu war

    anglo-zulu war
    Six month war ending in british coquring the zulu, the most powerdul and memorable tribe in South Africa, The british wanted the zulu tribe to mine dimonds for them.
  • Berlin Conference

    Berlin Conference
    Dividing up africa. The Europeans did lots of damage when they divided up and mixed ethnic and cultural boundries.
  • Gold

    Gold is discovered in Johannesburg, the city is now rich.
  • South Africas independence

    South Africas independence
    In 1994 South Africa gained thier independence with the help of their new president Nelson Mandela
  • Start of the apartheid

    Start of the apartheid
    Apartheid was made to separate black and white South Africans, to oppress, dominate and control blacks, and in the same breath to enrich white South Africans at the expense of the oppressed black people
  • AIDS in South Africa

    AIDS in South Africa
    Till today there is no cure for HIV, nearly 26 million people are livnig with HIV/ AIDS.
  • Every one can vote

    Every one can vote
    South Africa holds its first elections in which all races can vote. Nelson Mandela is elected President.
  • apartheid policy broken

    apartheid policy broken
    When South africa elected F.W. de Klerk as president, he started them on a peacful resolution and the government ended the apartheid.