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  • I was born

    I was Born!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nurses

    Five bulgarian nurses and doctors got the death penalty for injecting young bulgarian kids with AIDS
  • The U.S

    The U.S engagement in Iraq continues with intensity
  • Iraq

    Iraq's violence escaltes and fragile political stability
  • New Orleans

    80% of New Orleans is flooded
  • Census

    the U.S census bureau estimates that the population of the U.S
  • Soliders

    American soilders search fopr insurgents in mosul, Iraq
  • Bombing

    Suicide bombings and roadsides attack becomes more frequent
  • Taliban

    the taliban fight back with renewed strength
  • Romania and Bulgaria

    Romania and Bulgaria are admitted to the european union
  • Nuclear Facilities

    China,Russia,Korea,Japan agrees to dismantle nuclear facilities
  • Nancy Pelosi

    California demorcrat nancy pelosi becomes the first women speaker of the house of representitives
  • Alberto Gonzales

    Alberto Gonzales admits justice department made mistakes in firing nine federal prosecuters
  • Bombing in baghdad

    dozens died in suicide bombing in baghdad
  • Microsoft Bid

    Microsoft makes a hostile bid for yahoo
  • Isreal Bombed

    isreal hit by first suicide bomb sice 2007
  • Gunman in Illinois

    Guman opened fire and killed six students in Illinois
  • Barack Obama Becomes president

    Barack Obama is sworn in as first black president of the United States of America
  • Mills president of ghana

    Mills elected ghana's president in runoff
  • Richardson withdraws nomenation

    Richardson withdraws nomenation for secretary of commerce
  • Russia air Space

    Russia opening air space for the U.S to fight the afghan war
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