civil rights timeline

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    Civil rights timeline

  • Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a public bus

  • Montgomery bus boycott

  • Governor Farbus of Arkansas brings in National Guard to prevent black students from going into a white school

  • Sit in at Woolworth's lunch counter

  • Freedom riders bus burned

  • The Other America written by Michael Harrington

  • Peaceful demonstrators ruthlessly attacked in Birmingham, Alabama- MLK arrested

  • MLK writes Letter from a Birmingham jail- while locked up

  • March on Washington

  • "I have a dream" speech given by Martin Luther King

  • John F. Kennedy assasinated

  • Lyndon B. Johnson becomes President

  • 24th amendment passed

  • Civil Rights bill passed

  • Voting rights act 1965

  • Malcom x dies

  • watts riots

  • Martin Luther King Jr. assasinated

  • forced bussing