10 things about me!

Timeline created by rider.13
  • I was born

    Minutes before I was born the nerse slaped my mom in the face because she was pushing and the doctor wasnt there yet!
  • 9/11

    twin towers were hit... ;(
  • First dirtbike

    I got it when i was five and i haven't stoped riding!

    I got less than a year before I started racing!

    I got hit in the forhead with a spraypaint can!
  • First time playing football

    About this time I was rocking it up on the field!!!
  • sweet 16

    I'll be 16!!!
  • 20's

    I'll be twenty and ooolllldddd!
  • older than dirt

    I'll be a rinkly lump chillin on my couch for the rest of my life! Living the dream!
  • DEAD!

    I hope by this age ill be passed away! If not I'll be oooolllllddddd...