Years of Crisis

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  • League of Nations

  • Stalin in Power

  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    The American Stock Market crashes which started a world-wide economic depression. It started on “Black Thursday," This was when traders sold 12.9 million shares of stock in one day, which was triple the usual amount. Over the next four days, stock prices fell 23% . It occurred over a 10-year period of time. This event is important because it effected people world-wide which caused lots of suffering throughout the people. It also showed us our economic flaws that needed to be fixed.
  • Japanese invades Manchuria

    Japanese invades Manchuria
    Japanese armies open a long undeclared war against China in Manchuria. All the attempts to restrain Japan through the League of Nations or by other means all fail, weakening faith in the international order. This event is important because it caued a major conflict between the two countries which also affect their allies. It alo looked bad on Japan which caused the world to try to stop Japan while trying to take down Hitler.
  • Third Reich

    Third Reich
    Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. He and his Nazi party are in full command in a matter of months.The Nazi rose to power which brought an end to the Weimar Republic, a parliamentary democracy established in Germany after World War I. This was important because it started the Holocaust and was major reason of World War 2. It was the period of suffering and many people were killed or effected in some way by what Hitler did during the Third Reich
  • German-Polish Non-agression Pact

  • German Rearmament

    German Rearmament
    The Third Reich repudiates the disarmament clauses of the Treaty of Versailles and begins to rearm openly. The rearmament quickly increased the size of the German officer corps, and it organzed a growin army for the future. It was historically significant because it made him very popular at home, it destroyed the Treaty of Versailles, undermined the undermined the principle of collective security of the League and drove wedges between hm andal his enemies
  • Reoccupation of Rhineland

  • Munich Agreement

    Munich Agreement
    The Munich Agreement was a settlement between Germany, Britain, France, and Italy permitting Nazi Germany's annexation of parts of Czechoslovakia along the country's borders and a new territorial designation called "Sudetenland" was coined. It is significant because the Munich agreement was believed that this was the only way to stop anoher World War from occurring but backfired because it encouraged Hitler to seek out more land
  • Occupation of Prague

    Occupation of Prague
    German troops marched into Czechoslovakia. They then took over Bohemia, and established a protectorate over Slovakia. Germany now all of the sudden occupies the rest of western Czechoslovakia and turns Slovakia into a separate client state. It is significant because Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia was the end of appeasement: It proved that Hitler had been lying at Munich which caused more problems between the countries, and that will eventually start World War 2.