The Evolution of the TV

Timeline created by Edwin L.H.
  • The Television Was Invented

    The Television Was Invented
    Philo T. Fransworth invents the television. His wife is the very first to try the Television
  • Black & White Television

    Black & White Television
    When this was invented the possibilities of stuff to watch was pretty limited. But as it got older and older people began thinking of many shows and things to make for the TV.
  • Cable Television

    Cable Television
    The Cable Television in the United States was huge for Television. The first subscription services were released in 1949. That ment a wider area of Innovations to be made.
  • First Color Broadcast

    First Color Broadcast
    Even though the color Television was already sold to the public, there was no actual color channels/ Networks and was sold at very high prices. But, in 1954 the first national color broadcast was Tornament of Roses Parade.
  • Invention of the Wireless Remote Control

    Invention of the Wireless Remote Control
    The date is not exact but, the wireless remote control was made in 1956 called the Space Command which had 4 buttons. On and Off buttons and 2 buttons to change the channel.
  • Latest TV Innovations

    As of April 26th 2017 there has been no big TV Innovations. But people are making new ideas and inventing them.
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    The Television Timeline

    The Television has had a lot of impact in our daily lives it has been bad and good in many ways. By that I mean that it has had an impact by having educational or entertainment purposes. It may not be the healthiest but, it has made a good use of time when tired or bored.
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    In 1939 NBC was the first to broadcast Professional Football game with the Brooklyn Dodgers against the Philadelphia Eagles. From then until now Football has been one of the most popular thing to watch. In fact the Super Bowl is one of the most watched games of any sports in the country. Football has made such an impact that people from around the country watch their favorite teams on Sunday.