Book Report

Timeline created by db91511
  • Bud's Birthday

    Bud's Birthday
    Bud Caldwell was born.
  • Bud's Mom Dies

    Bud's Mom Dies
    Bud Caldwell's mother dies and he is left as an orphan because he does not know who his dad is.
  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial is Completed

    Thomas Jefferson Memorial is Completed
    The Jefferson Memorial took 4 years to build and is located in Washington D.C.
  • Bud Arrives at the Amos's

    Bud was adopted into a temporary home by a family named the Amos's. They have a son that Bud does not get along with.
  • Bud Runs Away

    Shortly after arriving at the Amos's Bud and Todd Amos get in a fight. Bud is forced to spend the night in shed. During the middle of the night Bud escapes the shed and runs away.
  • Bud Goes to Hooperville

    After Bud makes the decision to to Chicago, he goes to Hooperville to catch a train that is headed out west.
  • Bud Misses the Train

    After Bud arrives in Hooperville he tries to get on a train that is headed out west. When Bud tries to get on the train, him and hundreds of other people who are trying to get on the train get caught by the police and can't make it on the train.
  • Bud Gets a Ride From Lefty Lewis

    After Bud runs away from the Amos's he tries to get on a train that is headed for Chicago. When Bud does't get on the train, he starts to make his way to Grand Rapids where his supposed dad lives. On his way, Bud runs into a man named Lefty Lewis. Bud told him a clever lie that Lefty believed so Lefty gives him a ride to Grand Rapids.
  • Bud Arrives in Grand Rapids

    After getting a ride from Lefty Lewis, Bud arrives in grand Rapids Michigan to meet his father. Bud thinks his father is Herman E. Calloway but Herman does not think he is his son.
  • Bud Learns Who His Father Is

    When Bud and Herman E. Calloway are alone, Bud and him look through Bud's precious suitcase. When Bud tells Herman who is Mom is, Bud finds out who is father is. His father is... Just kidding, I'm not going to tell you, you must read the book to find out.
  • The End

    Bud becomes an honory member the Herman E. Callaway's Band
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Roosevelt was the first president to be elected for 4 terms.
  • The Pentagon Construction is Complete

    The Pentagon Construction is Complete
    The Pentagon is the U.S. Department of Defense headquarters.
  • Period: to

    Great Depression

    The Great Depression started on October 29, 1929 and ended in 1939. It left most of the United States without jobs. the value of money went down and the stock market crashed.
  • Period: to

    World War II

    World War II was one of the worst wars in the whole world. It lasted a little over 6 years. Over 60 million people died.