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Arab Israeli Conflict

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Timeline small square Balfour Declartion British Gov't issued the declaration, no jews were treated differently
Timeline small square Balfour Declaration Brittish Government issued the declartion. No Jews were treated differently
Timeline small square Yom-Kippur War Egypt and Syria went and attacked Israel for lost territory, many civiilians were killed
Timeline small square 6 day war 6 days Israelis took over Sinai and Gaze strip
Egypt also took over many parys
Timeline small square Camp David Accords Letter from Brittish forgeign policy signed Anwar Sadat, Manachem Begin, Jimmy Carter
Timeline small square Suez War conflict following the nationalization of the Suez Canal by President Nasser (Egypt) Britian and France had their military forces help back up Israel
Timeline small square First Intifada Palestines illed in car crash by Israelians. Caused many riots
Timeline small square Middle East Assasination President Anwar Sadat assaination in Egypt
Timeline small square HudaybiWyah peace treaty Peace treaty signed for ten year truce between agreed between Islams prophet and Quirish tribe
Timeline small square Olso Accords Israeli and Palestines discussed problems and came to an agreement by signing a treaty.
Arrafat, Clinton and Rabin signed agreement.
Timeline small square Middle East Recent History
Timeline small square recent news Jewish people of Israel, the return to the land of their forefathers after centuries of persecution around the world has not brought peace. They have faced many crises as their neighbours have tried as genocide to wipe their people off
Timeline small square My future opinion My only thing I think after all this time they should learn there is no resolution. Things will stay the same until they decide to split up the land equally. till then there will be no comprimise
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