WWII Timeline: Years 1942/43

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  • Tommy Prince

    Tommy Prince
    videoTommy Prince, a member of the Obijwa tribe was a member of the 1st Canadian Special Service Battalion or "Devils Brigade". He was a paratrooper in the unit and was known for working deep behind enemy lines. He was awarded the Military medal for a battle in Italy and the Silver Star for his recon missions in France.
  • Raid on Dieppe

    Raid on Dieppe
    Diepper VideoThe Dieppe Raid was one of the darkest chapters in Canadian military history. In 1942 the Germans controlled most of Europe. Canadians joined with the British and U.S. In Aug. '42, code named "operation Jubilee" started. Under half of the canadians returned. Overall a huge loss for Canada.
  • WW2 Victoria Cross Winners

    WW2 Victoria Cross Winners
    videoJohn Weir Foote and Lieuenant Colonel Charles Cecil Ingersoll Merritt both got their Victoria cross on August 19 1942. John got his by helping rescue wounded soldiers and not leaving their sides and was captured by the Germans. He was not relased untill May 5th 1945.
  • Italian Campaign

    Italian Campaign
    Italian Campaign Video
    During WWII Italy was allied with Germany. So the allied leaders of the Solviet Union decided that in order to divert german resources from the eastern front they would need to attack Italy. This effort becameknown as the Italian Campaign. More that 93,000 soldiers played a vital role in this plan. Fighting over a 20 months against some of Germany's best soldiers in a series of multiple battles Germany finally surendered in the spring of 1945. Leaving Canada with 1300 casualties & 600 deaths