WWII/Holocaust Timeline Part 2

Timeline created by NLS123
In History
  • SS open Dachau Concentration Camp

  • Boycott of Jewish owned Shops

  • Nuremberg Laws Start

  • Evian Conference

    This was a conference set up by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to deal with the Jewish refugee problem.
  • Kristallnacht

    When Nazi mobs torched and vandalized Jewish synagogues, homes, schools, hospitals, businesses, and cemeteries, in Germany.
  • Action T-4

    Hitler's decree which allowed Nazi Germany to kill people who they thought were "unworthy of life"
  • Germans establish the 1st ghetto (Piotrkow Tribunalski)

  • Voyage of the SS St. Louis

  • Warsaw Ghetto Established

  • Auschwitz-Birkenau begins operations

  • Einsatzgruppen Operations (in the Soviet Union)

  • Babi Yar (outside Kiev) Massacre

  • Operation Reinhard

    The Nazi mass killing of the Jews within the General Government.
  • Chelmno Death Camp begins operations

  • Aktion 1005 (or Action/operation 1005)

    The Nazi's attempt to get rid of the evidence of mass murder in Eastern and Central Europe.
  • Wannsee Conference

    When officials met up in Wannsee and discussed the "final solution to the Jewish question".
  • Treblinka Death Camp begins operations

  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

  • Death March from Auschwitz Begins

  • Soviet forces liberate Auschwitz

  • US forces liberate Buchenwald

  • US forces liberate Dachau

  • War Crimes Tribunal begins in Nuremberg, Germany