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  • 2,150 BCE

    Epic of Gilgamesh

    Epic of Gilgamesh
    First story to be written.
  • 1,400 BCE

    Alphabetic System

    Alphabetic System
    Deciphered in 1952
  • Computer

    Charles Babbage was the first person to make a computer to look like our modern day computers. At this time computers were already invented but they were big and didn't have letters/keys to write.
  • Typewriter

    Christopher Latham Sholes made a typewriter that made it easier to write without a pen, it was fast and efficient.
  • Where we'll be

    Most languages would die out. Considering the rate of how we treat the world I don't think we'd have the materials or community to communicate with. By that time as a human race we'd need to have one common language to communicate with.
  • Period:
    3,500 BCE
    3,000 BCE


    Was first developed by Sumerians and written in clay as picture/patterns, also know as pictographs.
  • Period:
    2,285 BCE
    2,250 BCE

    Mesopotamian Priestess Enheduanna

    First writer known by name, she recorded events and religious beliefs. Literature