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  • Feb 19, 1473

    Nicholas Copernicus born

  • 1481

    Copernicus started his studies at universities in Poland

  • 1503

    Copernicus finishes his studies at university

  • 1510

    Copernicus moved to Frombork

  • 1514

    Copernicus Wrote a reportthat circulated his friends, called the

  • 1520

    Copernicus rebuilds his own town with the other canons

  • 1532

    Finished Revolution of the Celestial Sphere but holds back before publishing it

  • May 24, 1543

    Copernicus Dies peacefully

  • Feb 15, 1564

    Galileo Birthday

    Day Galileo was born!
  • 1581

    Galileo studies at University off Pisa

    Where he started his studies
  • Galileo Becomes Teacher at UOP

    Starts teaching at University of Pisa
  • Galileo Teaches at University of Padua

    Starts teaching at University of Padua
  • Galileo saw supernova

    First known astronomical observation, supernova visible in sky
  • Galileo becomes mathematician

    Becomes mathematician at the court of the Duke of Tuscany to observe Jupiters Moon
  • Galileo Publishes his book

    Publishes 'Dialogue Concerning The Two Chief World Systems'
  • Galileo convicted of heresy

    Gets sentenced to house arrest
  • Galileo publishes another book

    Publishes Discourses and Mathematical Demonstrations
  • Galileo dies on January 9

    Passes away in Italy
  • Newton Birthday

    Day Newton was born!
  • Newton attends Cambridge

    Attends Cambridge University
  • Discovered gravity

    In parents backyard, he sat under an apple tree and discovered universal gravity from a falling apple 1666-1667
  • Newton published impactful book

    Publishes Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
    Included the three basic laws of motion
    Included Law of Universal Gravitation
  • Newton gets Knighted

    Knighted by Queen Anne
  • Newton Dies

  • Mendeleev is born

  • Mendeleev's Book

    Published book titled 'Organic Chemistry', wins Domidov Prize
  • Mendeleev's Influencers

    Mendeleev is at a convention where he gets inspired by their works. Chemists decided atomic weights for elements based from lightest and the first being hydrogen
  • Maria Sklowdowska is Born

  • Mendeleev's teaching/chemistry

    Helps to found of the Russian Chemical Society, publishes "Principles of Chemistry"
  • Maria graduates from high school

  • Maria moves to Paris to study as Sorbonne

  • Maria becomes the first women to earn a physics degree at Sorbonne

  • Maria discovers Polonium

  • Maria discovers Radium

    Stronger than Polonium
  • First women in France to get a PhD

  • Maria discovers how radium can treat cancer

  • Maria Curie dies from Leukemia

  • Period:
    Feb 15, 1564


    Timeline of events from Newton and Galileo