Womens Suffrage

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  • Seneca Falls Convention!

    Seneca Falls Convention!
    The first womens convention to discuss voting rights. Women were split over the 14th and 15th admendments. Some thought these admendments should include women.
  • A Three Part Strategy For Suffrage

    A Three Part Strategy For Suffrage
    Suffragist leaders leaders tried three approaches to achieve their objective. First, they tried to convince state legislatures to grant women the rightto vote. They achieved a victory in the territory of wyoming. Second women persued court cases to test the 14th admendement. But that only supported the men citizens. Third, women pushed for a NATIONAL constitutional amendment to grant women the to vote.
  • Illegal votings

    Illegal votings
    In 1871 and 1872 Susan B. Anthony and other women tested that question ("werent women citizens too?)by attempting to vote atleast 150 times in ten states and the distict of columbia. THe answer was yes but that doesnt mean women have the right to vote.
  • Supreme court decision

    Supreme court decision
    The courts said that women were citizens but that did not mean that they should have the right. With this being said women pushed for a national admendment to grant women the vote. Stanton succeeded in california but later killed it.
  • NAWSA formed

    NAWSA formed
    A group that reunited and became the National AmericanWomen Suffrage Association. Woman suffrage faced constant opposition. The liquor industry feared that women would vote in support of prohibition. Many men just feared what the change of women being able to vote would do to society.
  • Carrie Chapman Catt

    Carrie Chapman Catt
    CCC concentrated on five tactis painstaking orginization, close ties between local, state, and national; establishing a wide base of support; cautious lobbying; and gracious ladylike behavior. With this suffragist made a little bit of victory.
  • triangle shirtwaist fire

    triangle shirtwaist fire
    Dangerous conditions led into there being a large fire which killed 146 female workers. With this being said women wanted to push to be able to vote because this was a huge issue.
  • New NASWA Tactics

    New NASWA Tactics
    The suffragist saw victories, but the greater number of failures led some suffragers to try more radical tactics. Lacy and Alice formed a more radicall orginization . They pressured the government to pass a suffrage admendment.
  • More Radical Tactics

    More Radical Tactics
    Alice had organized her followers to mount a Ride-the-clock picket line around the white house; although some of them were arrested, jailed, and even force fed when they went on the hunger strike. These efforts finally made suffrage inevitable.
  • 19th Admendment

    19th Admendment
    Congress finally passed the 19th admendment , which granted women the right to vote. The amendment won final ratification in august 1920-72 years after women had demanded for this right.