William Golding

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  • Born

    William Golding was born in St. Columb Minor, Cornwall, England
  • Published His First Work

    Published His First Work
    William published his first work called "Poems"
  • Began Teaching

    Began Teaching
    William began teaching English and Philosophy in Salisbury.
  • Married

    William married his wife, Ann Brookfield, at their house near Falmouth, Cornwall
  • Joined the Royal Navy

    Joined the Royal Navy
    William temporarily left teaching and joined the Royal Navy.
  • First Child

    First Child
    William's first child, named David, was born.
  • Began Teaching Again

    Began Teaching Again
    William went back to teaching and writing after WWII ended.
  • Second Child

    Second Child
    William's second child, named Judith, was born.
  • Published His First Novel

    Published His First Novel
    William published his first novel "The Lord of The Flies"
  • Film Adaption Was Made About His Novel

    Film Adaption Was Made About His Novel
    The first film adaption was made about his novel "The Lord of The Flies"
  • Awarded Noble Prize

    Awarded Noble Prize
    William was awarded the Noble Prize for Literature.
  • Knighted

    William was knighted by England's Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Died

    William died in Perranarworthal, Cornwall, England