When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit-by Sara

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  • Papa Leaves for Switzerland

    Anna wakes up one day and goes to her perents bedroom to see her Papa only to find that her Papa has left for Switzerland because he was scared to stay in Germany with Hitler because Hitler ws elected and Papa has been writing bad things about Hitler Anna was upset because he didn't say goodbye.
  • The Rest of the Family Leaves for Switzerland

    The rest of the family packs their bags and hops on the train to go to Switzerland to go see Papa because they miss him and they want to be with him and they can't be with Hitler and Papa at the same time.
  • Arriving in Switzerland

    The family arrives in Switzerland and soon to be reunited with Papa Who is very pale.
  • Anna's Terrible Birthday

    Anna has her 10th birthday and it was not what she exspected it to be, she had a horrible time and it was no fun because she didn't get the things that she wanted to get. She wanted to get things that Max got for his 10th birthday.
  • They Finish Their School Term

    Anna and Max finish their school term in Switzerland and have to say goodbye to their friends because they are soon to move to France.
  • They Move to France

    The family move to France because Mama and Papa go on a trip to France and come back, get Anna and Max and they move to France because they thought that it was beautiful.
  • Max Starts School

    Max doesn't want to fall behind on his learning so he starts school early in January to catch up and doesn't wait until the new school year in September.
  • The Anniversary of the French Revolution

    On July 14, every school across Paris has a holiday to celebrate the French Revelution.
  • Anna Starts School

    Anna waits until another school year starts to go to school she starts in September, and she did not start school with Max because she didn't care as much as Max.
  • Mama is in Rough Shape

    In Febuary Mama got the flu and she developed a bad leg. She is in rough shape!
  • The Faimly Moves to England

    The family moves to England to have a safe and happy life!