Westward expantion

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  • French and Indian war

    French and Indian war
    When the French went to war with the Americans. Although there were also many natives involved.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The treaty of Paris was what made the 13 original colonies.
  • The oregon trail

    The oregon trail
    The Oregon trail was a trail that led to Oregon. Settlers packed up their things, took their familys on a long trip on wagon to Oregon.
  • pony express

    pony express
    The pony express was a new way to deliver mail. This made a faster way to get important mail to others even if they were a long distance away.
  • Lewis and Clark expidition

    Lewis and Clark expidition
    Two coliges and a expidition group went to explore the Lousisiana territory. Only one man died on the way. The rest made it back safely.
  • Louisiana Purchess

    Louisiana Purchess
    The louisisana purchess was when Thomas Jefferson purfchessed the Louisiana territory from France for 50,000 $.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    This was was fought for indepence agenst the Brittish. In fact it was the second war for independince.
  • Kansass Nebraska act

    Kansass Nebraska act
    This was when they profibited slavery. They would prevent it in their territory.
  • doctorine

    This stated that the us could/would veiw any colonization in the western hepesphere.
  • Trail of tears

    Trail of tears
    When President Jackson signed a treaty and ignored the House of Reperesentitives to remove natives from their land. Many natives died on the way from exposure and disease. Over 6,000 died.
  • Transcontinental railrode

    Transcontinental railrode
    It was the first concrete plan for a conental railrode. This was a new transpotation and a faster way to get to places.
  • Mexican american war

    Mexican american war
    A war between mexico and america. Mexico ignored the manifest desitny. While america did not ignore it.
  • Texas Becomes state

    Texas Becomes state
    Texas is now the 48th state
  • Mexico gets taken over

    Mexico gets taken over
    Mexico gets taken over by Winfield Scott's troops.
  • California gold rush

    California gold rush
    When alot of people moved to california to mine for gold. A carpenter who was hired to build a sawmill found the gold and it took two months for it to come in the newzpaper.
  • California state

    California state
    California becomes a state. It was detemined by the size of population.
  • Transcontental telegraph

    Transcontental telegraph
    The first transcontental telegraph was made making it easier and fast to communicate. It was even more reliable for ong distance communications.
  • Homestead act

    Homestead act
    This gave familys free farms size depending on the size of the family. The only requirment was that residents was only for a sertain peiriod of time.
  • Sand creek massacure

    Sand creek massacure
    The sand creek massacure was when a brutal attack on the cheyene indians (mostly woman and childeren) were attacked.
  • Alaska and Russia

    Alaska and Russia
    Us purchesses Alaska from Russia.