Week Leading to Jesus' Death, and Beyond

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  • Jesus Arrives at Bethany and is Invited to Simon's Feast

    Jesus Arrives at Bethany and is Invited to Simon's Feast
    Jesus traveled to Bethany and stayed in the home of Lazarus. Many people flocked to Bethany to see Jesus, some out of sympathy, some out of curiosity. Upon Jesus and his disciples' arrival, they were invited to a Feat, held by Simon.
  • Simon's Feast

    Simon's Feast
    At the Feast, Mary shows her gratitude towards Jesus by buying a very expensive box of ointment and annointing him with it. This act is criticized by many of the feastgoers, but Jesus sees the love in the act. Simon, the host, is one of those who is disgusted by Mary's act, but Jesus scorns him for criticizing her, as she has shown respect where Simon had not.
  • Jesus Arrives in Jerusalem on a Donkey (Part 1)

    Jesus Arrives in Jerusalem on a Donkey (Part 1)
    Jesus requested a donkey from a stranger, on which he rode into Jerusalem, followed by a group from Bethany. More and more people joined the proceeding, and although they could offer no gifts to their Messiah, they laid their garments out as a carpet snd held palm and olive branches above their heads as a symbol of victory and peace. The procession reached the top of the hill in front of Jerusalem, and everyone bathed in the glory of the gleaming city, which seemed to point to God.
  • Jesus Arrives in Jerusalem on a Donkey (Part 2)

    Jesus Arrives in Jerusalem on a Donkey (Part 2)
    When all of Jesus' followers expected Him to proclaim a noble speech, He burst into tears, overcome with sorrow from the city's rejection of His love and His imminent sacrifice in the city. Soon, reports reached the city, telling the people of Jesus' arrival.
  • Jesus Visits the Temple in Jerusalem and Returns to Bethany

    Jesus Visits the Temple in Jerusalem and Returns to Bethany
    Jesus visits the temple in Jersualem, unnoticed by the people, and looks around with sorrow, cleansing the temple. After the brief visit, He takes His procession and leads them back to Bethany, where he spends the whole night in prayer.
  • Jesus Returns to the Jerusalem Temple and Curses the Fig Tree

    Jesus Returns to the Jerusalem Temple and Curses the Fig Tree
    After the night of prayer, Jesus returns to Jersusalem. On the way, he gets hungry and finds a fig orchard. All of the trees have not bore fruit, except for one, whose leaves look as if the fruit is ready. When Jesus examines the tree, he finds no fruit and curses the tree to wither. When Jesus and His followers saw the tree later, all of the leaves were withered and the tree was dead. The tree symbolized the kingdom of the Jews and the withering represented their "ungodliness".
  • The Second Cleansing of the Temple

    The Second Cleansing of the Temple
    Jesus returns to the temple, to find it in even worse disrepair than before. Though He had a large band of followers, He stood alone, as everyone had left a large space for Him to stand. Shouts of happiness echoed throughout the courtyard from His followers, angering the priests and rulers. Jesus addressed the priests, rulers, and Pharisees directly, telling of several parables, which left them all to consider everything.
  • Jesus Addresses His Opponents

    Jesus Addresses His Opponents
    Christ rebuddled every time the priests and rulers offered points, but with indirect answers. Though everyone expected for Him to answer directly, he did not do so. When asked by the Sadducees about the First Commandment, Jesus answered by saying that "Thou shalt love the Lord with all thy heart, all thy soul, all thy mind, and all thy strength." He also said that the Second followed the ideas of the First; love thy neighbor.
  • The Events of the Outer Court

    The Events of the Outer Court
    The Greeks came to visit Jesus, as they had heard of His story, but they refused to accept him as the Messiah. Jesus explained that to fulfill His mission, He would have to die, which would brin fruitfulness to the kingdom of God, just as the dead wheat fertilizes the soil and brings forth fruit of the ground. God spoke from the clouds and Jesus answered, accepting His fate, and a veil of light surrounded Jesus, stunning the crowd.
  • The Mount of Olives

    The Mount of Olives
    After leaving the Temple, Jesus went and sat, by Himself, on the Mount of Olives. Later, the disciples joined him and sat with him. Jesus told His disciples that the destruction of Jerusalem was approaching, and how they could escape. They leave and Jesus remains retired for the day.
  • The Washing of the Feet

    The Washing of the Feet
    In a house in Jerusalem, Jesus held a feast with His twelve disciples. They took their seats and a basin of water and a towel were presented, for the purpose of washing the feet before the meal. A servant would usually do this, but there was no servant present, so Jesus took the basin and the towel and washed the feet of the disciples, beginning with Judas, the traitor who had arranged to deliver Jesus to the priests. In doing so, He established his selfless service to God's people.
  • The Passover Meal

    The Passover Meal
    Jesus, at the meal with the disciples, on the same night He was betrayed, took the bread and broke it, saying "Eat this, for it is my body. Do this in remembrance of me." Then, he took the cup, blessed it and said, "Drik of this cup, for it is my blood. Do this in remembrance of me." Even in the presence of His betrayor, Judas, He told the disciples to feast and love each each other, an act of true service. Judas left, fleeing into the night.
  • Gethsemane (Part 1)

    Gethsemane (Part 1)
    Under the Passover moon, Jesus and His disciples traveled to the garden of Gethsemane, and He intrsucted them along the way, but as they neared the garden, he stayed silent. When they got very close, Jesus' footsteps became heavier and it became hard for him to walk, so the disciples had to support him. He told them to wait in that spot as He walked a little distance away and collapsed on the ground. He shuddered in agony and sadness.
  • Gethsemane (Part 2)

    Gethsemane (Part 2)
    After a short talk with the Father, he rose and returned to the disciples, only to find them asleep. Jesus expecting to find them praying, in respect to the Lord, defying temptation to fall asleep. He returned to the center of the garden and fell once more, where he stayed, uttering prayers. An Angel descends from heaven, awaking the disciples with its light. Judas entered the garden with a group of leaders. He told that whoever he kissed, they should bind and arrest.
  • Gethsemane (Part 3)

    Gethsemane (Part 3)
    Judas approaches Jesus and begins to kiss him repeatedly with a sad look on his face. Jesus does not back away, but accepts his fates. The leaders bind Jesus and the disciples watch in horror as Jesus is taken away.
  • Hearing with Annas

    Hearing with Annas
    Jesus was brought to the house of Annas. Gathered there were the High Priest, the Chief Priests, the elders and the scribes. A few disciples followed close by. John went into the house of Annas, but Peter stayed outside. When questioned, Peter denied being a follower of Jesus. Annas begins to question Jesus about his beliefs and disciples, Jesus reponds that Annas could ask anyone who was present at His gatherings. Annas failed to find evidence to convict Jesus and sent Him to Caiaphas 2B tried.
  • Sanhedrin Night Trial of Jesus

    Sanhedrin Night Trial of Jesus
    Jesus is brought to the Sanhedrin, the Jewish judiciary, to be tried by Caiaphas, the current high priest and son-in-law of Annas. Jesus is condemned, beaten, and mocked there for calling Himself the Son of God. When asked about many things, Jesus either gives very indirect answers or no answer at all.
  • Pilate's Hall (Part 1)

    Pilate's Hall (Part 1)
    Jesus is brought to the hall of Pilate, the Roman governor, to have His sentence cofirmed and executed. But Pilate questioned the Jews about what his conviction was, to which they could only reply that he was a deceiver named Jesus. When Pilate asked Jesus if he was the King of the Jews, Jesus answered that He was as Pilate said. The crowd began yelling at Pilate t crucify Him, but Pilate was reluctant. Eventually, he gave into their whims and made Jesus hold a sign, making sure He was crucified
  • Pilate's Hall (Part 2)

    Pilate's Hall (Part 2)
    Eventually, Pilate gave in after the Jewish leaders told him that Jesus was making a claim to the throne of David. For this, Pilate had Jesus hold a sign (the cross), identifying Jesus' crime, and Pilate sent Him off to be crucified.
  • Calvary

    Jesus was brought, carrying the Cross on the weight of His shoulders, to a location outside of Jerusalem, where He was crucified, along with two thieves, for claiming to be King of the Jews. Jesus stayed on the cross from 9 AM to 6 PM, and died on the Cross.
  • Burial in Joseph's Tomb

    Burial in Joseph's Tomb
    In the last hours of the day before Sabbath, Jesus was buried in Joseph's tomb after uttering the words, "It is finished," meaning that His job was done. According to Matthew, a great shadow of darkness that had come across the land when Christ was curcified had left, and now light shone on the tomb. The prophecy was fulfilled.
  • Rest of Christ

    Rest of Christ
    The body of Christ remained in the tomb for the whole day of Sabbath, but those who witnessed the Crucufixion returned to Jerusalem as changed people. This was true for everyone BUT the Jewish leaders, whose thoughts weren't changed. Jesus had died on the cross in only six hours, which was unheard of. He was buried by a small group of people. He was placed in a tomb carved out of a cave and the cave was sealed with a giant boulder.
  • Jesus Rises from the Grave

    Jesus Rises from the Grave
    Early on the eighth day (during the night before), Angels descended from Heaven and created a pathway for Jesus to walk down on. Jesus left the grave in which he was buried and the Roman soldiers that guarded the tomb were shocked. The soldiers fainted and Jesus and the Angels marched towards the priests' dwellings. When Caiaphas saw Jesus risen from the grave, he was shocked as well. The Roman soldiers tried to make excuses, but they were obvious lies.
  • The News is Spread

    The News is Spread
    Jesus, when He rose, also brought with him a few other men that were formerly dead as witnesses. They walked throughout Jerusalem and spread the word that He had risen.
  • Mary Magdelane Finds the Tomb Empty

    Mary Magdelane Finds the Tomb Empty
    Mary and a few other women who witnessed Jesus' death returned to the grave to annoint His body with spices. Mary saw the empty tomb, boulder removed and shining with a glorious light, but did not see Jesus, so she ran to tell the disciples. The other women came later and saw the Angel who had moved the boulder and the Angel, in human form, explained Jesus' resurrection. Mary returned with the disciples and once Peter and John had left, Mary remained and saw two angels sitting in the tomb.
  • Jesus Speaks to Mary

    Jesus Speaks to Mary
    Mary begins to speak to the two Angels, crying and saying "They have taken my Lord and I know not where He lays." The first Angel spoke to her and told her not to fear. The second, who was shining with a radiant light, told her that He was Christ, who had risen from the grave. Once she heard His voice, she rejoiced.
  • Walk to Emmaus

    Walk to Emmaus
    Late in the day, two of Christ's disciples walked to Emmaus, a small town off of Jerusalem, followed by Jesus, who they did not recognize. When they finally recognized Him, they rejoiced and returned to Jerusalem to spread that news that he was alive.
  • Jesus Meets with His Twelve Disciples

    Early on the second day of the week (at night), the two disciples entered the gates of Jerusalem and walked to the building where Jesus spent His last night. The two disciples found the others sitting there and began to tell them of Jesus' resurrection. Then, Jesus entered the room and began to speak to each disciple, blessing them, before rising into Heaven.