Week 5 Timeline- Thomas Kuhn

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  • Birth of a Philosopher

    Birth of a Philosopher
    Thomas Kuhn was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to a Jewish family on July 18, 1922. He was one of the most profound philosophers of twentieth century who specialized in the history of science.
  • Early life and Education

    Early life and Education
    As a young student he learned to love mathematics, He Gained a degree in physics from Harvard University in 1943 and the Switched to the History of Science.
  • The Revolution

    The Revolution
    He Taught at the University of California Berkley where while teaching he wrote this theory of the cycle of the Scientific Revolutions . In this book, Kuhn argued that science does not progress via a linear accumulation of new knowledge, but undergoes periodic revolutions, also called "paradigm shifts"
  • Death.

    His book on Scientific Revolutions changed the way we view Science now In 1964, he joined Princeton University as the M. Taylor Pyne Professor of Philosophy and History of Science
    In 1994 Kuhn was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died in 1996.