Watergate Scandal

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  • Inauguration of Nixon

    Inauguration of Nixon
    Richard Nixon inaugurated as the 37th President of America.
  • Pentagon Papers Published

    Pentagon Papers Published
    Daniel Ellsberg releases Pentagon Papers indicating Nixon’s Plans in Cambodia were ineffective and communism is more popular.
  • Daniel Ellsberg's office destroyed

    Daniel Ellsberg's office destroyed
    Nixon orders staff to destroy his enemy’s office, Ellsberg, because of the Papers.
  • Break In

    Break In
    Five men caught trying to break in and bug the Democratic National Convention at the Watergate Complex.Left to right: James McCord, Jr., Virgilio Gonzalez, Frank Sturgis, Eugenio Martinez, Bernard Baker.
  • Denial

    Nixon denies any relevance with Watergate.
  • Washington Post Reports

    Washington Post Reports
    The Washington Post reports the burglary was associated with the Nixon Administration.
  • Nixon Re-election

    Nixon Re-election
    Nixon is re-elected in a landslide victory against Democratic rival, George McGovern.
  • Supreme Court asks for Tapes

    Supreme Court asks for Tapes
    The Supreme Court unanimously rules: Nixon must hand over the tapes with recorded conversations.
  • Resignation

    President Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States becomes the first and only president to resign from office.
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