Washington Administration

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    Tecumseh tried to organized a large group of tribes to fight the white settlers. They ended up joining Britain in fighting against the US colonies. He was a military leader and helped lead his men and British men against the Us colonies. This is an effect
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    Impressment of Sailors

    This is when British ships would send officers onto American ships and claim one of the sailors was abandoning the British Navy. They would then take the sailors they accused and they would take them. They also would seize American ships. This was a cause
  • Washington’s Proclamation of Neutrality(

    This Proclamation of Neutrality would serve to say the United States would not go to war with 2 or more powers. The military at the time for the United States was small, so going to war with 2 or more would cause more harm.
  • Jay Treaty

    This was supposed to settle all of the troubles between Britain and America, but it did not work. It was supposed to stop British ships from imprisoning American sailors. It did not. It was supposed to help us safe trade routes. It did not. This was not a popular treaty but it kept us from going to war. This was a cause.
  • Washington’s Farewell Address

    There were 3 main points written in the Farewell Address. The first point served to tell the nation to stay in unity, the second was that people should vote for the common interest of the nation rather than loyalty, and the third point was that the United States should be on good terms with almost all the nation
  • Embargo Act 1807

    This act would cut off the trade of France and Britain from the United States as would serve to be a punishment to the two. Jefferson had seen this act as a way to delay the possibility of war and as a way to protect military resources. Britain and France were both not damaged too much with trade being cut off, instead, America suffered the consequences worse.
  • Chesapeake-Leopard Affair

    The Affair was when the Leopard hijacked the Chesapeake and forced them to surrender, but before the Chesapeake did, several shots had been fired into the ship. Due to the surrender, one member was hung, three members were set to Britain even though they had American citizenship and the rest of the crewmates were primarily injured. This resulted in Americans wanting war with Britain even more as they felt humiliated that the Chesapeake had surrendered so quickly.
  • War Hawks

    The ‘War Hawks’ were primarily from the South and the West, they supported going to war with Britain. The War Hawks felt that Britain had caused great humiliation to America and they did not like the influence that Britain had on the Native Americans.
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    War of 1812 BEGINS

    This was fought between the US and Britain. This was over American trade rights being violated by the British. The British impressing American sailors. The British spilling American blood in American territory. The British and French put trade sanctions on the US which cause the US to be outraged. This is another cause of the war. This is an effect.
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    Hartford Convention

    A series of meetings were made to talk about The War of 1812. The New England states did not want their militia to be under federal control. They were scared of a land invasion happening. The convention ended up calling on the federal government to help protect the New England states. They also got finical aid to help their hurt economy. This was an effect.
  • Treaty of Ghent

    The Treaty of Ghent led to the end of The War of 1812. This was an agreement between Great Britain and the United States and it caused territories to be returned and commissions to be set into place.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    This battle kept the British from getting a vital port. This helped inspire patriotism in the American people. They fought off Britain and not the world is looking at them with respect. They now have a stronger federal identity. This new federal identity wanted to trade, expansion and overall help develop the country. This is an effect.