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  • Britain Declares War on Germany -1

    Britain Declares War on Germany -1
    Britain officially declares war on Germany. Since Canada is a colony of Britain, the Dominion was automatically included in the Great War. (social)
  • Battle of Ypres -1

    Battle of Ypres -1
    There were heavy losses for Canada during this battle. In these 48 hours, 6,035 Canadians, one man in every three, became casualties of whom more than 2,000 died. (social)
  • The Battle of Somme -1

    The Battle of Somme -1
    The Battle of the Somme in France was the most disastrous battle that the British/Canadian army had ever faced.The Canadians suffered some 2,600 casualties before the major new offensive they had been tasked with had even gotten underway. (social)
  • Vimy Ridge +1

    Vimy Ridge +1
    It was the first occasion on which all four divisions of the Canadian Corps attacked as a composite formation.The Canadian success at Vimy had a profound effect on Allied planning. (social)
  • Katherine MacDonald and Nurses Overseas +1

    Katherine MacDonald and Nurses Overseas +1
    During the first world war 3,141 Canadian nurses volunteered their services in total. Katherine MacDonald is entitled to the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. She is one of the few women who died while serving her country at war in the Canadian army. (social)
  • The Last 100 days +2

    The Last 100 days +2
    From August 8th to November 11th, 1918 were the last 100 days Canada had of constant fighting before victory. During this time, Canadian and allied forces pushed the German Army from Amiens, France, west to Mons, Belgium, in a series of battles. These battles ended in German surrender and the end of the war. (social)
  • Winnipeg General Strike 0

    Winnipeg General Strike 0
    This strike that lasted from the 15th of May until the 25th of June, 1919, almost 30,000 workers left their jobs within hours on strike for higher wages. (economic)
  • Agnes Macphail Elected to Parliament +2

    Agnes Macphail Elected to Parliament +2
    Agnes was the first woman in the parliment and stayed as it for a long period of time. While she originally entered politics to represent the farmers of her region, she also championed the rights of miners, immigrants, prisoners, women, and other marginalized groups throughout her political career. (political)
  • The Balfour Report +2

    The Balfour Report +2
    The Balfour report declared that Britain and its Dominions were constitutionally equal to each other. It was a landmark document confirming Canada as a fully independent country, united with Britain and the other Dominions through the Commonwealth. (social)
  • The Persons Case +2

    The Persons Case +2
    The Persons Case (officially Edwards v. A.G. of Canada) was a constitutional ruling that established the right of women to be appointed to the Senate. (political)