war of 1812

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  • Declaration of war

    Declaration of war
    The united states declared war against great Britain
  • Siege of fort mackinac

    The first engagements of war 1812
  • First battle of Sacket's harbor

    First battle of Sacket's Harbor was between the American's and the British
  • Battle of fort Dearborn

    The battle followed the evacuation of the fort as ordered by the commander of the US army
  • Siege of Detroit

    The American general William Hull surrendered fort Detroit along with his men.
  • USS constitution v.s Guerriere

    The USS constitution defeated the HMS Guerriere off the coast of nova scotia
  • Battle of Queenston Heights

    The first major battle of the war of 1812 was the battle of 1812 was the battle of Queenston Height