Video games consoles timeline

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  • First console

    First console
    The first console was created in 1967 by Ralph H.Baer.
    It was called "Brown Box"
  • Second console

    Second console
    In 1975 was created the second console called Atari Pong by Atari.
    But there was other console called Magnavox Odyssey 100 created by Ralph H. Baer
  • Third console

    Third console
    In 1978 the best console was created by Nintendo, Nintendo was and still been the best consoles company
  • Fourth console

    Fourth console
    In 1981 the golden age arrived, games like Pac-man (1980), Mario Bros (1983), The Legend of Zelda (1986), Final Fantasy (1987), Golden Axe (1988).
    The console SG-1000 was created by SEGA, but it wasn't famous in 1983
  • Fifth console

    Fifth console
    In 1986 Nintendo and SEGA was fighting to the first place in videogames world, but the console Atari 7800 was created by Atari and it was a bomb
  • Sixth console

    Sixth console
    The first console with 3D graphics was created in 1993 by Playstation
  • Seventh console

    Seventh console
    In 1994 the console Playstation Líder was created by SONY
  • Eighth console

    Eighth console
    The best console by Microsoft was created in 1998 it was called Xbox
  • Ninth console

    Ninth console
    In this year a lot of consoles was created, for example:
    Playstation 3 by SONY
    XBOX 360 by Microsoft
    Wii by Nintendo
    DS by Nintendo
  • The best consoles

    The best consoles
    In this year arrived the best consoles to video games world, like Playstation 4 by SONY
    Xbox One by Microsoft
    They have a lot of versions