Video Game History

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  • 1940s

    In 1940 the first video game called Nim was created. This game is a mathamtical game where where two players take turns removing objects from piles. At the 1940 New York Fair the game Nim could be played on a machine.
  • 1960s

    The first prototype of a home gaming console was developed. It was a multiplayer game that is compatible with the TV. This console would go on to be called, "The Brown Box"
  • 1970s

    In 1979 the first hand held console was released. This console was called the microvision and was created by smith engineering. On the MicroVision you could play star trek, block buster and pinball. Later on more games would be relaesed.
  • 1980s

    In 1981 the first 3d video game was made. The first 3d video game was monster maze. The objective of the game is to escape without being eaten and it can be played on a computer.
  • 1980s

    There was a video game crash in 1983. Alot of video game companys went into bankrupcy. Atari had lost 536 million.
  • 1990s

    Pokemon was released to the public. This game would go on to become the worlds biggest video game franchise. A year later a popular TV show would come to follow this game that was based of the game.
  • 1990s

    In the 1999 Sega would release the first 2k game. This was the start of one of the best video game companys till today. This game was avalibe on the sega dreamcast.
  • 2000

    Will Wrights The Sims was the first simulation game. This became the best selling video game and the most popular with females at the time.
  • 2000s

    In 2001 The xbox and halo were released. Halo would go on to be the first console exclusive game. This increased rivalry and promote the Xbox and increase sales.
  • 2020s

    In 2020 the next generation of video game consoles would be realesed. Both the Ps4 and the Xbox would meet there end as the Ps5 and Xbox one x. These would be scheduled to be relased in the later end of the year 2020.