Technology I've Used Over the Years

Timeline created by mthaight
  • Intellivision

    Kind of like Atari, but different with a weirder controller. The first gaming system we ever owned.
  • Sega Master System

    Sega Master System
    This was the first system that felt like a real system. We were also the first kids in the neighborhood to have this system.
  • Walkman

    My dad had this exact yellow, Sony Walkman, and it was awesome to be able to hide under my bed and listen to cassette tapes.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System

    Nintendo Entertainment System
    I played Mario for the first time on this system. It also introduced us to more varieties of multiplayer games.
  • Sega Genesis

    Sega Genesis
    With Sonic the Hedgehog came the first 16 bit system with better graphics and sound.
  • VCR

    This is how we watched movies in the 80's and 90's.
  • Windows Computer

    Windows Computer
    My buddy and I would play adventure games like King's Quest, Police Quest, and Space Quest for hours on one of these old computers.
  • Super Nintendo

    Super Nintendo
    This was a 16 bit system which took gaming to another level with better games, graphics, and sound than the Genesis.
  • Discman

    The discman changed everything with quality and being able to skip tracks.
  • 13" Television

    13" Television
    I bought this with my first job when I was 15 and it was perfect for something next to my bed.
  • Nintendo 64

    Nintendo 64
    This console was fun because of the 3d graphics and a 3d Zelda game which is still one of the greatest games ever. The controller was really weird, though.
  • Playstation 2

    Playstation 2
    I hate to admit it, but this system is most memorable because I played Grand Theft Auto 3 on it, and it changed everything about what video games could be. This system also acted as my first DVD player, which was a huge jump up in picture quality.
  • Xbox

    Xbox was cool because it introduced the world to Halo and created a new rivalry between consoles.
  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360
    I bought this console because I liked the Xbox brand and they had great first party games like Gears of War, which were awesome.
  • Playstation 3

    Playstation 3
    As I get older, I find myself enjoying more narrative focused games more than anything else and the PS3 had more of these types of games that I like so I sold my Xbox and never looked back. Also, like the PS2 before it, this was my first Bluray player, which brought movies to 1080p.
  • Zune

    Yes, I had a Zune, and it was awesome!
  • Ipod

    I bought this after my Zune broke and they stopped making them. Being able to carry all of my music around with me was amazing.
  • Playstation 4

    Playstation 4
    This is my current console and it is amazing. The graphics are amazing and the games are exactly what I want from a console.
  • 4k UHD Player

    4k UHD Player
    This allows me to play 4k UHD disks on my TV and the picture quality is amazing.
  • 55" 4k Television

    55" 4k Television
    My first truly amazing TV with a fantastic picture.
  • Acer Nitro Laptop

    Acer Nitro Laptop
    I sold my desktop pc to try out having a laptop as my primary pc. It has been great so far.