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  • The Massacre of Sand Creek

    The Massacre of Sand Creek
    In 1864 a group called the Colorado Volunteers surrounded a village of about 800 Cheyenne Black Kettle. About 400 people were killed that day, mainly being women and children.
  • Period: to

    Events that happened in the United States from 1877-2011

    This timeline shows some crucial main events and ideas that happened happened in The United States in the years 1877 through 2011. These events have shaped our country to what it is today.
  • Labor day

    Labor day
    in 1894 Labor day had became a federal holiday by Grover Cleveland after several failed attempts.
  • imperialism

    The idea of Imperialism referring to armed forces, politics, and economy in the united states, meaning the expansion of power.
  • sinking of the Lusitinia

    sinking of the Lusitinia
    The German Government had bought an advertisement in the American newspaper warning them that if they try and send a ship out with any type of military supplies, they would be at risk from a submarine attack and on May 7, that is exactly what happened. The Lusitinia with about 2,000 passengers and over 4 million rounds of ammunition was attacked .
  • The Selective Service Act

    The Selective Service Act
    The Selective Service Act was put into place so that it was mandatory that all males between the ages of 21-3 registered for the military because it was too hard to find enough volunteers due to the high number of people that they needed.By the end of that war, over 4 and a half million Americans served both men and women.
  • The Harlem Renaissance

    The Harlem Renaissance
    In the south, where about 90% of African Americans had lived white supremacy was legal and very violent which had caused a migration of African Americans north. It is then when they had realized that they had very similar stories about their lives and decided to come together creating musicians, actors, artists etc.
  • Rush of Immigrants

    Rush of Immigrants
    Due to the rush of immigration, in 1924 congress shut the door to any new immigrants because of the high population and different diversities.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    The Stock Markey crash of 1929 had brought America to the biggest and longest economic crisis in history. After people who had invested in stocks had lost what they had, it was believed that a decade long depression was ahead of America.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan had sent planes to bomb the 100 Navy battleships and support cruisers, Damaging only about 6 of them and killing thousands. This was the start to a war between Japan and the United States.
  • D-Day

    D-Day was when about 150,000 Americans had landed on 5 different beaches across a 50 mile range in the Normandy region starting a campaign to liberate North-Western Europe from the Germans.
  • The Korean War

    The Korean War
    The Korean war had started when The North Korean Army had crossed the 38th parrallel line to South Korea. The United States had come over to help South Korea starting in that July. US officials were working fast to try and figure it out hoping to keep this war small, and not turn into World War 3 in which some people had wanted.
  • Rosa Parks and the bus boycott

    Rosa Parks and the bus boycott
    Rosa Parks had been arrested and charged for not giving up her bus seat closer to the front of the bus because it was for white people only, and she was black.
  • the Vietnam War

    the Vietnam War
    The Vietnam War was a very long and expensive war between North and South Vietnam with the United States being one of the allies. This war had worsened during the Cold War between the Unites States and the Soviet Union.
  • "I Had A Dream" speech

    "I Had A Dream" speech
    On August 28, 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. had made a speech that will forever be remembered in history stating that conflict can be resolved without violence. He also had won the Nobel peace prize in 1964.
  • "Black Power"

    "Black Power"
    One of the many events that had happened While trying to support black power was when James Meredith was shot while peacefully trying to march for black power,
  • development of the internet

    development of the internet
    The Internet was originally developed for military purposes but now today it is used all over the world by lots of people for a bunch of different reasons.
  • Idea of Americanization

    Idea of Americanization
    Today's day and age, America is known more for it's major companies such as Amazon or Nike and corporations rather than it's history and accomplishments like previous years.
  • Reagan's presidency

    Reagan's presidency
    on January 20, Ronald Reagan was elected into office. He only had about a 53% average approval rating. During his first term, he was almost assassinated, being injured yet still returning back to the White House in about a 2 week time. Later on in his presidency, There were a few scandals that had to do with him including a sexual misconduct allegation.
  • End of the Cold War

    End of the Cold War
    The Soviet Union had dissolved and the Berlin Wall came down opening up the Border, which marked the end of the Cold War
  • Clinton's presidency

    Clinton's presidency
    Clinton was the 42nd president of the United States and only the second impeachment, he had overseen Americas longest economic expansion. He was impeached due to lying under federal grand jury and obstructing justice.