US History from 1800 - 1850

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  • US population in 1800

    There were 5,308,483 people in the US at this time, 893,602 happen to be slaves.
  • Thomas Jefferson inaugurated

    He was the third president and his term ended in 1809.
  • Statehood of Ohio

  • The Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves

    President Thomas Jefferson signed this act, making it a law.
  • James Madison inaugurated

    He was the fourth president and his term lasted until 1817
  • US population in 1810

    There were 7,239,881 poeple
  • Statehood of Louisiana

  • The Second Bank of the United States gained its 20 year charter

  • Statehood of Indiana

  • The Erie Canal changed they way poeple traveled and traded.

  • James Monroe inaugurated

    He was the fifth president and his term lasted until 1825.
  • Statehood of Mississippi

  • Statehood of Illinois

  • Treaty had been made to own the state of Florida

  • Statehood of Alabama

  • Missouri Compromise

  • Statehood of Maine

  • US population in 1820

    The population was 9,638,453
  • Santa Fe Trail

  • Statehood of Missouri

  • Monroe Doctrine

  • John Quincy Adams inuagurated

    He was the sixth president and his term lasted until 1829.
  • California Gold Rush

  • Tariff of Abominations

  • Andrew Jackson inuagurated

    He was the seventh president and his term lasted until 1837.
  • US population in 1830

    There were 12,860,702 people
  • Nat Turner's Rebellion

  • The Second Bank of the US charter was renewed

  • Texas Revolution

  • The Seige of Bexar

    All of the Texans defenders were killed.
  • Statehood of Arkansas

  • Martin Van Buren inuagurated

    He was the eigth president and his term lasted until 1841.
  • Statehood of Michigan

  • Trail of Tears

  • US population in 1840

    There were 17,063,353 people.
  • William Henry Harrison inuagurated

    He was the ninth president and his term begun and ended in 1841.
  • John Tyler inuagurated

    He was the tenth president and his term lasted until 1845.
  • Oregan Trail

  • The Great Famine

    Many Irelands decided to move to America for better living.
  • James K. Polk inuagurated

    He was the eleventh president and his term lasted until 1849.
  • Statehood of Florida

  • Statehood of Texas

  • The Mexican-American War

    We went to war with Mexico for Texas's freedom, statehood, and Thorntan Affair.
  • Statehood of Iowa

  • Mexican-American War ended and the Women's Rights Movement began

  • Statehood of Wisconsin

  • Zachary Taylor inuagurated

    He was the twelth president and his term lasted until 1850.
  • US population in 1850

    There were 23,191,876 people.
  • Statehood of California

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