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  • 1800 census

    5,308,483 people
  • Thomas Jefferson

    democratic republican
  • 1807 Embargo act

    ended importation of slaves
  • James Madison

    democratic republican
  • 1810 census

    7,239,881 people
  • second bank of americas charter

    bank recieved its 20 year charter
  • James Monroe

  • Eerie Canal is built

    eerie canal helped trading and traveling
  • U.S. gets florida

    we take spanish land today known as florida
  • Missori Comprimise

    missori slave state maine free state
  • 1820 census

    9,638,453 people
  • Santa fe Trail

    opened by spainyards
  • Monroe Doctrine

    americas are hostile to europe
  • John Quincy Adams

    Democratic / Republican
  • Mission San Fernardo

    having problems controlling land
  • Protective Tariff

    was to protect industry
  • Andrew Jackson

  • Indian removal act

    removed indians annd spread out people
  • 1830 census

    12,860,702 people
  • Slave rebellion

    nat turner turned against southern slave owners
  • National bank charter

    national bank charter renewed
  • Texas Revolution

    gov of mexico and texas were fighting
  • Battle for the alamo

    texans capture mexicans
  • Martin Van Buren

  • Trail of Tears

    indians forced to move to make room for americans
  • 1840 Census

    17,063,353 people
  • William Henry Harrison

  • John Tyler

    Whig 1841-1845
  • Oregan Trail

    wagon trains started out to oregan
  • James Polk

  • Potato Famine

    irish immigrants came to america because of famine in ireland
  • Mexican American War

    americans wanted mexican territory
  • Discovery of gold and the us mexican war ends

    a man discovered gold and began the start of the gold rush and the us mexican war ended
  • Zachary Taylor

  • Millard Fillmore

  • 1850 Census

    23,191,876 people
  • Period: to

    US from 1800-1850