Unit 3 Timeline

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    French and Indian War

    This war started because the French blcked the Ohio Valley from the British colonists. Then The war started in which the French and Natives fought against the british and the colonists.
  • Boston Tea Party

    After the French and Indian war, debt needed to be payed. Of course, the British started to tax the colonists intensly without any representaiton. The colonists were very upset for all the tax acts being placed on them. This was one of their manifestos.
  • Decleration of Independence

    This is when the 12 delegats of the colonies decided to write a letter to King George of Britain that they wated to seceede from their colonies.
  • Articles of Confederation

    After the War, the Articles of COnfederation were written, and was like a constitution. It had all the laws the stattes can and cannot do. It also included some things the federal government coul not do. The problem was that it gave state too much power, and it caused less security
  • Treaty of Paris

    In 1783, in Paris, the treaty was signed that stated Britain recognizes America as a nation, The mississippi river was the boundary, America could fish in the coast of Canada, and pay the debt to the merchants in America and return confiscated land of the loyalists.
  • The Constitution

    The delegates were not going to remove the Articles of Confederation, they just wanted to make a few changes. Of coruse, they soon realized the Articles of Confederation was no good, so they changed the entire thing, and made a new letter for the United States.