Unit 2 Timeline

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  • May 14, 1607

    During these times, many European coloniezed many part sof the Americas. Of course, The Virginia Componay of London colonied Jamestown, Virginia on this date. After that, England started to colonize more places in North America, like Plymouth.
  • Marylland

    During this time, ENgland started to colonize and form many other colonies. One of them was Marylad. In 1632, King charles gave permisiion to Lord Baltimore a charter to open up a colony. This colony will have many catholics, and would be in full support of the crown. Therefore, many people did not have a say, but rather the rich people who owned the colny made un the laws.
  • Period: to

    Navigations Act

    This was an Act for the colonies. The colonies had to only trade with ENgland, and if they were to trade with anyone else, they'd be put to jail, or be fined. They also only had to buy things made form England, and no other country. They also had t naviagte to specific ports, and with specigfic ships. They also could only trade certain things. This caused a lot of outcries.
  • African Slaves.

    Before this time, slaves were not very common in The ENglish colonies. During this time, the African population started to grow because of the need for workers. The plantation owners did not have much money to pay servants, so they brough slaves. This is also why during this time, discriminatory laws started to rise up, to keep the African slaves aurpressed.
  • End of New England Confederation

    This started in 1643. This occured because of the very few suppor of the crown. Therefore, they started to join together and build a confederation. This was neccessary because no one protected them.Before, they were involved in King Philips war, and won.
  • Georgia

    Georgia was the final colony to be colonized by the English. Georgia was only colonized so the Spansh won't try to attack the Carolinas, as they were very prsoperous. Not only that but they aloso tried to make georgia like the cArolinas, but failed because of the land. ALso, Georgia was the place were many prisioners went.