travel and tourism development timeline

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    Product Development

  • Holiday Camps

    1945-1960 was the time in which holiday camps reached their peak. Businesses such as Warners, Butlins and Pontins catered for up to 60% of the tourism sector. Although they had a decline due to a demand of better weather, these camps are still popular now.
  • First Package Holiday

    Vladmir Raitz was the first person to organise a package holiday. He took 32 passengers on a holiday costing them £32.50 each. This price included accommodation, return flights, transfers and full board basis.
  • Viewdata

    Viewdata was brought in in the 1950's when the demand for travel was increasing. Viewdata was set up so tour operators and airlines could see their bookings by sitting in their office.
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    Destination Development

    Destination development was when different destinations became more developed, in order to make the travel and tourism industry better.
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    Technological Development

    Technological development is the development in how people can book their holidays.
  • Development Of Tourism Act

    The Development Of Tourism Act is an act which was put in place to help and protect the different sectors of the travel and tourism industry. The different sectors recieve funding so they can develop.
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    Legislation are the different laws and policies which were put in place to help the travel and tourism industry.
  • Increase in Package Holidays

    In 1970 the want for package holidays increased. Most package holidays were to places such as Spain, The most popular tourists travelling were British and German.
  • Currency Restrictions

    Tourists were only meant to take £50 in Sterling when they were travelling, but the currency restriction was lifted. More money meant more people wanted to travel so they could purchase more things whilst on holiday.
  • Transport Act 1980 and 1985

    The Transport Acts 1980 and 1985 was brought about to help coach companies. This act meant private businesses could travel on any route.
  • Center Parcs Opens

    In 1987, Center Parcs was created and opened to the public. It was based in Sherwood Forest, Nottingham. They offered mid week deals, short breaks and weekend holidays. They even offered week long holidays if this fitted the customers needs.
  • Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992

    Any tour operators offering package holidays had to go by this regulation. This act makes sure the tour operators and customers knew their responsibilities.
  • Air Passenger Duty

    Air passenger duty was reduced on flights. This made a problem for the growth of inbound flights. It took until 2006 to increase it again and remove the barrier.
  • Tourism Strategy

    This was a way to grow the travel and tourism industry. This is not something which is worried about much anymore, due to the fact the travel and tourism industry is successful.
  • China

    China increased their popularity due to the 2008 Bejing olympics been held here. More facilities were created for the tourists.