To what degree does this time period represent a period of progress or decline?

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  • ! WWI (1914-1918)

    ! WWI (1914-1918)
    WWI brought a lot of bad events. It was the cause of many deaths and injuries, And it drained Canadas money, resources, and food.
  • Period: to

    WWI Era

    All the events that occurred during and after the first world war.
  • ! WWI Armistice (1918)

    ! WWI Armistice (1918)
    The war is finally over after 4 gruesome years. People are excited, happy, and relieved.
  • $ Prohibition (1918-1928)

    $ Prohibition (1918-1928)
    Prohibition lasted a long time in Canada. Prohibition was caused by a group of people who thought money could be better spent on more important things than liquor.
  • $ Technology in the 1920s (1920-1929)

    $ Technology in the 1920s (1920-1929)
    New technology was a big part of why the "roaring twenties" were so "roaring".
  • ! Residential Schools (1920s)

    ! Residential Schools (1920s)
    Residential schools are places people would never even consider stepping into. Children were abused, discriminated against, and degraded.
  • $ Smuggling Liquor (1920s)

    $ Smuggling Liquor (1920s)
    Liquor smuggling became a business in the late 1920s. Bootleggers would smuggle liquor across the Canadian border and sell it for about 10 times more than they bought it.
  • Period: to

    The Roaring Twenties

    A time of new inventions and prosperity.
  • $ Insulin (1921)

    $ Insulin (1921)
    Insulin was created. It helped people who suffered from diabetes live fuller and longer lives.
  • ! Chinese Exclusion Act (1923)

    ! Chinese Exclusion Act (1923)
    The Chinese Exclusion Act prohibited Chinese people from entering Canada in 1923. Those who lived in Canada had to register for identification cards within 12 months.
  • ! The Balfour Report (1926)

    ! The Balfour Report (1926)
    The Balfour Report helped Canada greatly. It was the beginning of how Canada became fully self-governing.
  • ⋆ Emily Murphy (1927)

    ⋆ Emily Murphy (1927)
    Emily Murphy became the first female senate of Canada. This was a major event for women in Canada. It was the first step to getting equality.