To what degree does this time period represent a period of progress or decline?

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  • Prohibition of alcohol (+0, social)

    Prohibition of alcohol (+0, social)
    The government banned the production and imports of alcohol. This law put in place was to help prevent drunkenness, violence, and domestic abuse. The banning of liquor appeared to work but quickly alcohol began being sold illegally and speakeasy; bars where liquor is illegally sold, were introduced. With the lack of alcohol people turned to drugs, leading to a spike in drug use.
  • Spanish flu (-2, social)

    Spanish flu (-2, social)
    The Spanish flu was a disease introduced into Canada after WW1. This respiratory virus was brought overseas by soldiers returning from war and spread very rapidly once it arrived. This pandemic resulted in the death of over 50,000 Canadians
  • Winnipeg General Strike (-1, political)

    Winnipeg General Strike (-1, political)
    This strike was one of the most famous ones of all time. It was called because of the poor working conditions and low wages. Almost 30,000 workers had gone on strike in only a few hours
  • Indian Act (-2, cultural)

    Indian Act (-2, cultural)
    The government enforced an act that made it mandatory for all status First Nations children to attend residential schools.
  • Discovery of Insulin (+2, social)

    Discovery of Insulin (+2, social)
    Charles Best and Dr. Frederick Banting of the University of Toronto, announced the discovery of insulin. Insulin helped to cure diabetes and regulate metabolism. This was one of the greatest medical discoveries in history.
  • Royal Canadian Air Force (+1, social)

    Royal Canadian Air Force (+1, social)
    In 1924, the Royal Canadian Air Force was created. The government believed military planes could only be justified if they were used for peaceful purposes as well. Pilots therefore also conducted surveys, patrolled for forest fires, checked on fishing boats etc.
  • Stock Market Crash (-2, economic)

    Stock Market Crash (-2, economic)
    When Canadians crashed it caused devastation all over the country. People were left with nothing and many were in financial trouble. It had a largely negative impact on the Canadian economy. The stock market crash is what ultimately lead to the great depression.
  • The Persons Case (+2, social)

     The Persons Case (+2, social)
    t was then decided that women were to be considered people. This was a major step for women rights and for women to be seen as equal to men. With the ruling that women were "persons" they were now allowed to serve in the senate. This inspired many women.,not%20persons%20in%20matters%20of%20rights%20and%20privileges.%22