To kill a MockingBird- Boo Radley

Timeline created by Gabbi Rathmann
  • Chapter 1

    In Cahpter One, Dill, Jem, and Scout first begin to wonder about Boo Radley. Dill was the first one to gain the obsession in seeing and discovering more about BooRadley. The Finches find the Radley House itself scary and foreboding and are suspicious about it. Dill a newcomer, is curious.The Finches know that nobody has seen Boo in a long time, and no one goes near the house.Miss Stephanie teels them that Aurthur Radley stabbed his father and stared at her through her window one night.
  • Chapter 1 continued

    This terrifies Scout and Jem, but enthralls Dill. (Pages 12-15) Dill is convinced they shoul coax Boo out:Jem and Scout are sure he will kill himself. But when a dare is made and a sign of life is seen in the house(Page 16), Jem, Scout, and Dill's curiosity about Arthur Boo Radley is aroused.
  • Chapter 3

    In Chapter Three, Jem and Scout talk about Boo Radley with Walter Cunningham. Walter says that Boo poisoned some pecans and almost killed Walter. (Page 26). For some reason, this doesn't surprise Jem or Scout. Jem is encouraged because none of his counterparts is scared about Boo Radley, so he begins to Walter more about the mysterious Boo Radley.
  • Chapter 4: Tree Hole

    In Chapter Four is when Scout first discovers the tree hole, filled with wriggley gum. The tree hole is in one of the Radley trees, so Jem is immediately anxious. But Scout reckons that it hasn't killed her, so it must be okay. Her fear of Boo Radley and the Radley Place lessens. Jem next finds two old and rare indian pennies in the hole in the tree.The two begin to look for gifts in the tree. Does Boo put them there?
  • Chapter 4: Tire

    Jem, Scout and Dill begin to play with an old tire. Scout rolls in it and ends up in the front yard of the Radley place.Scout is terrified. Will Boo come out and hurt her? She gets to her feet, and forgetting the tire, flees back home. Jem has to re-enter the Radley Yard and get the old tire back. This is a terrifying ordeal for the three of them but leads Jem and Dill into even bigger ideas about Boo Radley.
  • Chapter 4:

    Jem and Dill decide that they are going to play a Boo Radley game. Scout doesn't want to play because she thinks Boo Radley will get angry at them. Jem however, thinks that Boo may be dead and that he won't care. They make up the family life of the Radley's and reinact Boo's rants. They are stopped by Atticus when he finds them with scissors. Scout ends the chapter saying that she had heard laughter in the Radley house.
  • Chapter 5 Miss Maudie

    Scout asks Miss Maudie about Boo Radley and if he is still alive. Miss Maudie says yes, and she only knows this because she hasn't 'seen him carried out yet'. Miss Maudie said that he was a Baptist, and he liked to stay in the house. After her conversation with Miss Maudie, Scout concludes that Boo Radley may just have a different way of life than she is used to.
  • Chapter 5: A Note to Boo

    Dill and Jem decide they want to give a note to Boo asking him to come out of the house. Jem plans to put it through a loose shutter of the house using a fishing pole. With Dill keeping watch, Jem attempts to put the note in the house. He can't get it off of the pole, then Atticus comes along and ruins the plan.
  • Chapter 6: The Second Attempt

    On Dill's last night in Macomb, they decide to try to get a look at Boo Radley. Scout begs them not to do it, but to no avail. They get in the backyard, and boost Dill up to see through the window. Dill could not see anything, so they try another window. Then Scout sees a shadow, the three of them start running and hear a shotgun ring out. Jem looses his pants, but they are not caught.
  • Chapter 6: Pants

    Jem goes back to get his pants (p. 63) after dark. He refuses to let Scout come with him, so she waits anxiously for his return. He comes back terrified, and later she finds out that his pants were folded on the fence post waiting for him.
  • Chapter 8: Fire

    There is a fire at night and Jem and Scout have to go outside to be safe from the flames at Miss Maudie's house. They watch the men trying to get all the furniture out of Miss Maudie's house. It was dawn when the fire was finally extinguished. Jem and Scout are exhausted when Scout suddenly realizes that she has a blanket around her shoulders.

    Boo Radley had put it on her without her noticing.