Timeline with Attitude

Timeline created by taeo
  • Komagata Maru

    Komagata Maru
    Komagata Maru reached Vancouver's harbor via Hong Kong and Japan carrying 376 prospective South Asian immigrants who hoped to settle in Canada.
  • The first World War

    The first World War
    Canada joined war in 1914, when the United Kingdom declared a war to German. Canada joined the war to help the Britain, and fought with honor
  • 1917 Military Service Act

    1917  Military Service Act
    Sir Robert Borden announced his decision in Parliament to implement Conscription. The imposition of conscription on reluctant French Canadians was a failure and bitterly divided the country along French-English lines.
  • The end of War

    The end of War
    Germany surrendered on November 18th 1918 and the armistice was signed.
  • The roaring twenties

    The roaring twenties
    After a war, Canada started to invent new things, and develop thing or upgrade things to make a life easier.
  • First patient who has diabetes got fix

    First patient who has diabetes got fix
    Sir Frederick Banting, discovered an insulin, which can fix the diabetes.