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  • coal miners and their workers

    coal miners and their workers
    -1 since coal mines was a big thing back then and people needed the money to support their families but a lot of them never got back to them because coal mines were very dangerous
  • Col Bordens Letter

    Col Bordens Letter
    +1 Bordens letter was a call for help cause they needed solders to fight with him for the war so his letter was sent home to everyone with man in a house so they could fight
  • aruthur mignault

    aruthur mignault
    0 Arthur mignault was a very rich man that donated money to the military and asked is he could be deployed into the war
  • the roaring 20's

    the roaring 20's
    +1 The roaring 20’s was one of the best years because of all the creations they made for example cars planes cinemas and radios
  • the sikh families

    the sikh families
    +1 The first Sikh women came to Canada and only children under the age of 18 could also come too. But other people didn’t really didn’t like how the Sikhs spoke dress and acted so they had to change all of that
  • fredrick banting

    fredrick banting
    +2 fredrick banting wasn't very school smart but he learned how to create insulin and that help out many people with diabetes and he also saved a teen from almost dying with insulin
  • Nellie mcclung

    Nellie mcclung
    +2 Nellie McClung was a women that backed the statement up that all women should be allowed to vote and not only men
  • women on the home front

    women on the home front
    -2 Since men were out to fight women had to take on the mens job like making clothing but people started getting fired and there wasn’t enough money for everyone to get payed evenly
  • first nation children

    first nation children
    -2 The First Nation children were sent to residential schools and were abused. While they were there their whole culture was stolen from them and was not allowed to speak their own langue and attend events
  • bert woods

    bert woods
    -1 Bert woods was forced into the war and had too fight for this life while only getting a pay raise every day