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  • Halifax Harbour

    Halifax Harbour
    During the world war, a ship from Norwegian as well as France were both on the same route towards nova scotia form opposite directions, because of this it caused both of the ships to collide and cause a massive explosion as one of them had a ton of explosives. This ultimately resulted in the deaths of thousands and flattened out most of Nova Scotia. -2
  • Spanish Flu

    Spanish Flu
    This pandemic is very similar to the one we are currently in, it all began when soldiers came home and infected many with the flu (also known as influenza). This made many schools and offices close down and others were taking shelter as this flu was very dangerous. -2
  • Woman allowed to vote

    Woman allowed to vote
    Although woman’s voting rights had started in 1916, all provinces and territories had let white and black women participate in voting officially in 1918, this made tremendous progress and lead women to become great political figures. +2
  • End of world war 1

    End of world war 1
    The first world war had officially ended, and everything was to go back to normal, this was a major milestone but over millions of people were killed, thousands injured, and WW2 was to begin years later. 0
  • Insulin Invention

    Insulin Invention
    Charles Best and Dr. Frederick Banting of The University of Toronto announced the discovery of insulin which helped to cure diabetes and regulate metabolism. This was one of the greatest medical discoveries in history as it saved over millions of diabetics as well as make Canada more creditable by other countries. +2
  • Halibut Treaty

    Halibut Treaty
    The Halibut treaty was the very first treaty Canada passed independently as Britain would always make the decisions on behalf of Canada. Although this was a very big milestone Canada was still a colony of Britain. +1
  • Chinese Immigration Act

    Chinese Immigration Act
    The Government decided to bring back an older act called the “Chinese Immigration Act” which ordered all those who were of Chinese descent to be deported back to China, as well as blocked anyone from entering Canada. This act devested and hurt many. -2
  • Economic Stock Market Crash

    Economic Stock Market Crash
    Many had been well and thriving and almost everyone was predominantly rich until the stock market crashed and left about 85% of the country broke and in-dept, this event left many devastated and ultimately lead to the great depression. -2
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    This event was a worldwide economic depression that began in 1929, this was a result of many events but ultimately began because of the big stock market crash that left many bankrupt, because of this depression it left many without jobs or homes. -2
  • Women Now Considered People

    Women Now Considered People
    A group of women were tired of how they were being treated so they tried to pass the law of equal rights for both men and women. In 1929, woman were now considered people and were able to have their own rights and were finally allowed to vote and have seats in the Senate. This was a great accomplishment, but women were still discriminated because men would often only hire men for jobs. +2