Timeline of Who I Am

Timeline created by sabrinahazelwood
  • Born

    I was born October 29th, 2000 in a hospital in Abilene, Texas.
  • Moved to just outside of Pittsburgh

    Moved to just outside of Pittsburgh
    My mom, dad, and I moved to stay with my grandpa at his home in Sewickley, PA.
  • Moved to Virginia Beach.

    After my dad was stationed at Virginia Beach, my family lived on the air force base.
  • Started Gymnastics

    Started Gymnastics
    My mom had me try out a gymnastics class, but It wasn't for me.
  • Moved back to PA

    Moved back to PA
    After by dad began working in IT, he found a job in Shippensburg, PA so my family moved there. (There is nothing but farms there literally)
  • Started Soccer

    Started Soccer
    I tried out for one of the Shippensburg club soccer teams and played every year until we moved. (I remember this is the year we had a lot of stink bugs all over town for some reason)
  • Got my first cat

    Got my first cat
    My neighbors cat had a litter of kittens and we were able to take one home. I named her Bubbles. (This is not her but it looks like her)
  • Started playing the trumpet

    Started playing the trumpet
    I joined the Shippensburg Intermediate School band and learned the trumpet.
  • Family moved to Annandale, Virginia

    Family moved to Annandale, Virginia
    After my dad got a job in DC, my family moved to NOVA and lived in an apartment in Annadale.
  • Moved to Springfield, VA

    My parents leased a house that we lived in for a few years, and then we moved to a different neighborhood 5 minutes away where we lived in our permanent house.
  • Adopted a cat

    My family decided to adopt a selkirk rex cat and then a year later we thought she was getting lonely so we adopted a friend for her
  • Went to Japan

    Went to Japan
    After winning a competition for school, I went on a trip to Japan as a US-Japan delegate for foreign relations.
  • Moved to Blacksburg

    Moved to Blacksburg
    Moved into my dorm and is studying at Virginia Tech.
  • Graduated from Lake Braddock Secondary School

    Graduated from Lake Braddock Secondary School
  • Graduate from college

    Graduate from college
    graduate with degree in pre-health or pre-med
  • Pass Exams and become licensed

    Pass Exams and become licensed
    Take certification to become a nurse
  • Apply to med school

    Apply to med school
    Go to school and get masters degree
  • Get my own apartment

    Get my own apartment