Timeline of the Age of Ideas

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  • Feb 6, 1300

    The Renaissance

    Before the time of the Renaissance, people started losing all classic teachings of common classes that they took. For example, medicine, philosophy, mathematics, art, and other classes. Many people, like the historians, mainly believed that the loss on the plagues. It had decreased many numbers of the populations of Europe. But asthe Renaissance period started, the wonderful art and other teachings were once regained, which brings us back to the name, "The Renaissance". (1300-1700)
  • Feb 6, 1517

    The Reformation

    The Reformation had started from the time when Martin Luther had gained enlightment. While being at the Unicersity of Wittenberg, he had composed his "95 Theses", which then led to many conflicts. Not only was there one reformation, but there were 2 other reformations. They were Germany and Lutheranism and the Switzerland and Calvinism. The Reformation changed many perspective on the Catholic and Christian religion. (1517-1555)