Timeline for a Online/Blended District

Timeline created by tom.gray1
  • Learership to be Identified

    Team needs to be built to establish need assesments and over all goals for the district. This team needs to have a working knowldge of where the district is currently
  • Share & Seek Input

    Overall plan and ideas to be shared and gather input from steakholder to refine the plan
  • Strategic Planning Period

    Team needs to establilsh aras for planning:
    Who needs to be considered
    What funds will be needed downriver
    What time span for setting mid/long range goals
  • Identify needed changes in District

    Start the funding needs, equiopment review and needs, and staffing for the Blended learning program
  • School Board Update

  • Policy & Proceedures work

  • Refine Budget and Re-Assess overall plan

  • Communication to all Steakholders

    Letters, Internet information, and community meetings
  • Review Tech Plan

    Re workd as needed tech plan with updated information. Provide a support plan to aid in the work of the Blended program
  • Review & Launch

    Orintation meetings, for all:
  • Period: to

    One year out!