Timeline 1914 to 1929

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  • Frank Walker, Reaction to the War

    Frank Walker, Reaction to the War
    his message showed a lot of progress and he believed that the war was going be a success and wanted to be part of it. I would Place him on +1 because his reaction was odd where he was hoping to go to the war which is understanding because he wants to fight for his country, but it doesn’t seem like he felt distraught or anything. He claims that he has been on pins and needles if they would take him showing true bravery of a hero who dives through the door
  • Sir Robert Borden, Reaction to the War

    Sir Robert Borden, Reaction to the War
    His message showed +2 progress because he talks about saving the human race and to save civilization instead of destroying it. Obviously he is the Prime Minister and must say this but he said true words of motivation to show that we are not alone. He also seemed calm but a had a sense of sadness but didn't want to show it because then other people would panic. He also said words of inspiration.
  • Arthur Mignault, Reaction to the War

    Arthur Mignault, Reaction to the War
    His message showed a lot of progress as I would give him a +2 because he shows hope of offering instead of doing nothing. He seemed proud because even though it was a scary time, he found a way to help and push through it. He even offered to accompany the unit which shows bravery and compassion
  • Jeremiah Jones

    Jeremiah Jones
    The things that Jones did was extreme progress because (+2) Jones had courage to now only avoid all the hate but to enlist, to fight and be proud of what he did. This evidence makes me think he is a hero, this is because he made such a contribution to where he took command under the Canadian general and even was recommended. He proved a Black mans worth in a white mans army. He had to lie about his age which was bold but turned out to be right.
  • Women on the Home Front

    Women on the Home Front
    I would give this a 0 because at this time, women were being asked to come serve in war and some even went to factories and made munitions and other equipment which at the time made women fight even more for the right to vote. This caused the Prime Minister to call the Union Party and decided that only the women that served in the war were the ones who earned the right to vote such as nurses and more. Other women got furious but at the same time was a win-loss situation.
  • The Economy on the Home front

    The Economy on the Home front
    This particular time was decline at -1. This is because factories had employed many worker and there were almost 700 churning factories.The government tried to solve this by creating a Imperial Munitions Board. But the government had already spent more that itself. Dept was piling up and was pushed to the edge. This was challenging because workers worked hard to meet the needs and support the war.
  • Billy Bishop

    Billy Bishop
    Billy is, was and will always be a true legend for the progress he made (+2). He was to the point with his flying and shooting, and he was efficient at what he did and wasn’t just luck but he had it down to the notch where it was persistent. This evidence makes me think that he was fearless. He was the first man through the door and make the most risks for what he fought for with his way of flying
  • Francis Pegahmagabow and First Nations soldiers

    Francis Pegahmagabow and First Nations soldiers
    Francis had a very un usually setting as I would give it a +1. At first I saw a lot of decline with the experiences but as it went on they over came it. But it wasn’t to the point where there was a lot of progress. Now even though Francis had a bad experience of WW1 at first, he pushed through and went again despite the poison gas that was used. This evidence reminds me of a note reaction for U2A1 where this boy was so scared that he then enlisted to the army to overcome it.
  • Vimy Ridge

    Vimy Ridge
    This point was a lot of decline (-2) because after the battle of Vimy Ridge, demand for soliders to replace the wounded and dead had made it to a point of dangerous damage. Even though just returning from the war, the Prime Minister didn’t want to let his soldiers down so a year earlier, he promised 250,000 to 500,000 new soldiers. However since the discovery of people and all the casualties, no one wanted to go and later the government involved the French Canadians which infuriated them.
  • Mae Belle Sampson

    Mae Belle Sampson
    This point was decline (-2) this is because the scenario was not the best and the circumstances were worse and in the end resulted in casualties. This evidence makes me think that they were not prepared, medically. I think this because there were 15 000 soldiers but only 2000 beds, not enough nurses and simply not ready. The nurses worked in difficult situations and areas, hospitals were tiny and we’re under equipped. Mae Belle lost her life because of a torpedo along with the other nurses.