Thomas Paine

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    When Thomas was 13 years old he started working with his father as a corset maker. He did not excel at this job or at anyone of his other jobs.
  • Bad Year

    Bad Year
    Around 1760, Paine's wife and child both died in childbirth. And later that year Thomas Paine's corset buisness that he inherited from his father went under.
  • Excise Officer

    Excise Officer
    Thomas Paine later became a Officer of the Excise. In this job he would hunt smugglers and collect liquor and tabacco taxes. He did not exell at this job or any of his previous jobs.
  • The Case of the Officers of Excise

    The Case of the Officers of Excise
    In the summer of 1772, Thomas Paine would publish "The Case of the Officers of Excise". In this 21-page article Paine argued in defense of higher pay for excise officers. That winter in London Thomas handed out 4,000 copies to members of parliment and other citizens.
  • Thomas Paine

    Thomas Paine
    In 1774, Thomas was fired from the excise office. Thomas met Benjamin Franklin in London. Benjamin is the one who advised Thomas to emigrate to America.
  • Common Sense

    Common Sense
    Just after two years of coming to America Paine wrote a 50-page pamphlet called "Common Sense". In this pamphlet Paine stated that America should not just revolt against taxation, but demand independance from Britian.
  • American Crisis

    American Crisis
    A pamphlet wrote by Thomas Paine the American Crisis. Number 1 was published. Wathington ordered all of his troops to read this pamphlet while they were at Valley Forge because it was so inspiring.
  • Scandal

    Paine accused a member of the Continental Congress of trying to personally profit from French aid to the United States. When Paine was revealing the scandal from secret documents that he had obtained through his position at Foreign Affairs.
  • Paine's expulsion from the committee in 1779

    Paine's expulsion from the committee in 1779
    Paine, in one of his pamphlets hinted to secret negotiations with France that were not suitable for public consumption. This and many other of Paine's violations led to his expulsion from the committee in 1779.
  • Rights of Man

    Rights of Man
    Wrote The book "Rights of Man" in response of him passionately supporting the French Revolution. In this book he was Railing against the monarchic society. This book was banned in Britain and Paine was indicted for treason.