Thomas Kuhn

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  • Birth

    Thomas Kuhn was born in Cincinnati, OH oh July 18th 1922
  • Harvard

    Kuhn attended college at Harvard in 1943 where he attained his degree in Physics before switching to History Of Science.
  • Professor at the University of California

    While teaching at the University of California he wrote his most notable work: "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions."
  • Princeton

    Kuhn moved his career as the professor of Philosophy and History of Science at Princeton.
  • Period: to

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Moving his career again he ended up finishing his career as the Laurence Rockefeller Professor of Philosophy.
  • Death

    Kuhn was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in 1994 and expired in 1996 leaving behind his 3 children and second wife.
  • Kuhn's revolution