Thomas Kuhn

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  • Thomas Kuhn is born

    Thomas Kuhn is born
    Thomas Samuel Kuhn is born in Cincinnati, Ohio. His parents, Minette and Samuel, call him Tom throughout his childhood.
  • First steps into education

    Starting in kindergarten through the fifth grade, Tom was educated at Lincoln School, a private school in Manhattan where independent thinking rather than learning facts and subjects was practiced.
  • Different types of education

    Thomas had attended four other private schools after leaving Lincoln School. Upon his graduation from high school, Thomas had attended Harvard University, majoring in Physics.
  • War Work

    In the summer of 1943, Kuhn joined the Radio Research Laboratory’s theoretical group. Based at Harvard, his group was tasked with devising countermeasures against enemy radar. He was soon sent to work in a laboratory in the United Kingdom.
    He then traveled with a Royal Air Force officer to France for a few weeks to study recently captured German radar installations.
  • Kuhn delves into Philosophy

    Thomas had earned a doctorate in Physics from Harvard, but had grown increasingly bored of Physics. He began studying Aristotle's ideas of motion, but his modern physics education was hindering his process.
  • Paradigm Shift

    Fast forward a few years and Thomas Kuhn's book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, is the first time the term Paradigm Shift is seen. Soon, his theory becomes so popular it used not only in science, but all throughout the world.
  • Kuhn's contribution

    Thomas Kuhn contributed greatly to the science. He changed the way people had previously viewed motion by setting aside his doctorate degree, and researching philosophy. His theory of Paradigm Shifts was revolutionary. Kuhn's approach was broken down into four phases. Phase one: Pre-Science. Phase two: Normal Science. Phase Three: Model Crisis. Phase Four: Scientific Revolution, or Paradigm Shift.
  • Kuhn's Contribution cont.

    When a paradigm is accepted, it is very hard to change. Kuhn's theory of Paradigm Shifts states a new way of thinking needs to replace an old way of thinking by popular belief. Paradigm shifts happen everyday, whether in the world of science, or just in the normal world. Kuhn found a way to leave a lasting impact on the world forever.
  • Thomas Kuhn's passing

    On June 17, 1996, Thomas Kuhn, at the age of 73, passes away after a long battle with throat and lung cancer.