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  • The Revolution of 1800

    The election of 1800 was considered a revolution by Jefferson as America could change from Federalist to Democratic-Republican without force. This began Jefferson's first term as president.
  • Revolution of 1800

    Revolution of 1800
    A reimagining of a poster during the Revolution of 1800, featuring Thomas Jefferson and John Adams
  • Repeal of Judiciary Act

    Jefferson removed all of Adam's judges he had appointed before Jefferson was elected. This directly led to the Supreme Court case Marbury v. Madison.
  • Marbury v. Madison

    The Supreme court case that challenged John Adam's Midnight Appointments. William Marbury was a Justice that was appointed by John Adams but was refused to be sworn in by James Madison. In the end Marbury won, but never became a justice.
  • William Marbury

    William Marbury
    The Federalist judge John Adams appointed before leaving office.
  • Ohio admitted to Union

    Ohio was admitted into the Union under President Jefferson
  • Shores of Tripoli

    Jefferson sends soldiers to the shores of Tripoli to attack the Barbary Pirates. This attack halted Barbary attacks on American soldiers for some time.
  • Indian Removal Act of 1803

    Jefferson forced many Natives from their land in the western frontier as the United States expanded.
  • Trail of Tears

    Trail of Tears
    An artist's depiction of the trail of tears, a path many displaced Natives took.
  • Lousiana Purchase

    Thomas Jefferson offered to buy New Orleans for 5 millions from France under Napolean rule. Napolean instead offered all of the Louisiana territory for 15 million which Jefferson accepted.
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Jefferson ordered to explorers to map out the Louisiana territory on the western frontier. Lewis and Clark were hired, and continued west past the territory into Oregon territory.
  • Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea

    Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea
    An artist's depiction of Lewis and Clark being guided by Sacagawea.
  • Death of Alexander Hamilton

    Jefferson's vice president, Aaron Burr, dueled against Hamiltion and shot him in the heart. Burr was later charged with murder and treason in New Jersey and New York, so he stayed in Washington D.C.
  • Hamilton-Burr Duel

    Hamilton-Burr Duel
    An artist's depiction of the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.
  • Election of 1804

    Jefferson is relected while running against Charles Pickney.
  • Embargo Act of 1807

    An embargo that restricted trade with Great Britain and France in order to keep the peace with both countires during the war. This embargo somewhat ruined the economy
  • James Madison is Elected President

    James Madison, a Democratic Republican like Jefferson, replaces him.
  • James Madison

    James Madison
    James Madison, the President after Thomas Jefferson
  • Period: to

    The United States under President Jefferson