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  • gentlemen walter raleigh

    Walter Raleigh was a soilder, an explorer, a writer and a favorite of Queen Elizabeth 1 of England. He placed his coat over a puddle so that the Queen wouldn't get covered with mud
  • john adams

    John Adams was the first Vice President of the United States and the first President to live in the White House.
  • sad day for indians

    tecumseh and his warriors joined the british in a war against the U.S
  • napoleon

    Napoleon, Emperor of France, retreated from Russia
  • retreat from russia

    Napoleon led 600,000 men in Russia to conquer it but had to retreat because of the lack of food shelter and the severe winter weather
  • sam houstan

    Americans went to war with Mexico to win the inependence of Texas. Sam Houston was elected President for two years
  • john brown

    brown with his three sons and about 18 of his followers took control og harpers ferry he was an abolitionist
  • hidden treasure

    some southern soldiers robbed three banks and hid the treasure
  • hidden tresure

    The small band robbed three banks. More then half of the men were arrested with some of the banks money with them but they couldn't remember where the rest of the money went
  • picasso

    Pablo Picasso developed a new style of painting called cubism, he was one of the best artist of his time
  • o.k. corral

    The gunfight is known as the Gunfight at the OK Corral. The gunfight was between the Earp brothers and other outlaws
  • eleanor roosevelt

    eleanor married her husband franklin roosevelt who became the 32nd president of the U.S . she bacame one of the most active first ladys in the U.S
  • panama canal

    the panama canal is very important because it lets ships travel between alantic and pacific oceans
  • Alvin York

    alvin york single-handedly captured an entire battalion of german soilers in WWI
  • communication between nations

    The United Nations' headquarters is located in New York City. UNICEF is part of the United Nations which helps children
  • charlie brown

    charlie brown is the main character in the comic strip called "peanuts" he was created by cartoonist charles schulz
  • sputnik

    Sputnik was the first man made satellite in Russian sputnik = traveler
  • earthquake shakes up miners

    in canada an earthquake killed 24 miners. There were 69 men still trapped and after 6 days 12 men were found and rescued and days later 7 more men were found alive.
  • leif ericson

    in 1961 scientists found a viking newfoundland an island off the coast of north america
  • woody guthrie

    Woody Guthrie died in 1967 he was a well known song writer during the Great Depression
  • jimmy carter

    jimmy carter
    jimmy carter was the 39th president o the U.S .
  • jefferson davis

    90 years aftr his death jefferson finally became a U.S citizen, he was the only president of the confederacy
  • columbus day

    october 12, 1992 many countries celebrated the 500th year anniversery of christopher columbus discovering america