Theodore Roosevelt

Timeline created by TT0000
  • born

    he was born in New York
  • Graduated

    He graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University
  • graduated collage

    graduated collage
    he attended Harvard Collage in Cambridge and he took a four year course on Bachelor of Arts
  • married for the first time

    married for the first time
    he was married to allice Roosevelt at Brookline, Massachusetts
  • Assembly

    Part of New York State Assembly until 1884
  • Mom died

    Mom died
    His mother died from typhoid fever
  • wife died

    wife died
    First wife Alice died from Bright's disease
  • Ran for mayor

    Ran for mayor
    He ran for mayor but he lost
  • married for the second time

    married for the second time
    he was married to Edith Roosevelt at London, England
  • Ran for U.S. Senet

    He ran for the U.S. Senet but was unsuccessful
  • Assistant secretary of navy

    He was appointed assistant secretary of the navy
  • Lieutenant colonel

    became lieutenant colonel
  • Colonel

    Became a Colonel
  • Out of service

    He was mustered out of service
  • Nominated for vice president

    he was nominated by vice president on the Republican ticket
  • became vice president

    he became vice president for the 25th president who was William McKinley
  • Rode in Automobile

    He was the fist resident to ride in an electric automobile
  • becomes president

    he became president because William McKinley died
  • Nominated for president for second term

    he was nominated by vice president by the Republican ticket
  • second term

    he was elected president for his second term
  • Nobel Peace Prize

    He was awarded the Nobel piece prize because of his connections with the Russo-Japanese piece treaty
  • convention

    He received three votes at a republican nominating convention
  • African Hunting + scientific expedition

    The African hunting and scientific expedition was outfitted by the Smithson institution
  • Special ambassador

    Became special ambassador from the united states at the funeral of King Edward VII of England
  • Flew in Airplane

    he became the fist president to fly in an airplane
  • Progressive party

    Organized the progressive party
  • River of Doubt

    He explored the river of doubt in south America until May 1914
  • litterary

    he engaged in literary pursuits for 3 years
  • declined

    He was declined nomination by the Progressive party as a president candidate
  • Death

    he died at 60 years old in Oyster bay, New York